Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The History and Mystery of the Middleboro Gazette, part 2

I have cousins who refer to me as "Nancy Drew" and "Sherlock Wendy," and I am pleased to think I have earned those nicknames. Here is what preliminary research on the "Middleborough Gazette" yielded.

Years Available

7 Oct 1852 – Samuel Brown publishes first issue of the Namasket Gazette

8 Apr 1853 – Frederick Goss takes over as publisher of the Namasket Gazette

15 Apr 1853 – Goss withdraws as publisher

7 Jul 1854 – Publisher Rev. Stillman Pratt forms printing partnership with Samuel P. Brown

6 Oct 1854 – Pratt and Brown dissolve partnership; Pratt takes over Gazette

31 Aug 1861 – Pratt writes parting editorial; son S. B. Pratt takes over as Editor

1 Sep 1862 – Publisher Rev. Stillman Pratt dies in Middleborough

7 Jan 1865 – Stillman B. Pratt, sole publisher

11 Jan 1868 – D. S. Hasty, new co-publisher as Pratt & Hasty

The Lost Years

1884 – Advertisement in the Middleboro Directory; Gazette published every Friday

1899 – Advertisement in the Middleboro-Lakeville Directory; Wood & Tinkham proprietors

13 Oct 1899 – Lorenzo Wood, weekly newspaper publisher, marries Lucy Savery Lovell

12 Aug 1900 – Birth of his daughter, Doris Marian Wood

12 Jul 1904 – Birth of his daughter, Mary Adeline Wood

Years Available

6 Jan 1905 – Wood and Tinkham publishers

13 Mar 1906 – Birth of Lorenzo Wood, Jr.

30 April 1909 – Obituary of former owner, James Madison Coombs (age 68)

1910 – Lorenzo Wood in census as newspaper editor

12 Mar 1910 – Birth of daughter Charlotte Lovell Wood

24 Jul 1910 – Death of daughter Charlotte Lovell Wood

24 Feb 1912 – Birth of son Alfred Lovell Wood

15 Aug 1919 – Publisher Lorenzo Wood rounds out 20 years at the helm (since 1899)

1920 – Lorenze Wood in census as publisher of a weekly newspaper

1930 – Lorenzo Wood in census as publisher of a weekly newspaper

1 May 1930 – Lorenzo Wood dies in Middleborough

Now, I have documented some descendants of Lorenzo Wood, and he has a grandson - his own namesake - living today. Hopefully he might have some answers...

Monday, March 26, 2007

The History and Mystery of the Middleboro Gazette

My family history can be traced back through many various generations in Middleborough, Massachusetts (also spelled Middleboro). This area is particularly important to me, as it is where one of my brick-wall ancestors lived with her husband.

As a result, I find the Middleboro Gazette a very useful newspaper. Unfortunately, a very large portion of the years are missing.

The Middleborough Public Library holds microfilms for 1852 through 1868, and 1904 onward. This is a problem, because we are looking at a 36 year gap. THIRTY-SIX YEARS.

And we all know that it only takes the decade between censuses for families to disappear. It has happened to us all. What is a genealogist to do?

We know very well that the Middleboro Gazette was in production during those missing years. The 1884 Middleborough Directory has an advertisement for the newspaper on page 97. Where did the missing years go?

The Wareham News was published under the same management at the time. Are there issues of that missing? According to my cousin, there are.

Did the missing issues disappear when the management changed? Do they still exist and, if so, where?

I would love for those issues to be found if they are still in existence, and researching this is definitely on my list of things to do!


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