Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The History and Mystery of the Middleboro Gazette, part 2

I have cousins who refer to me as "Nancy Drew" and "Sherlock Wendy," and I am pleased to think I have earned those nicknames. Here is what preliminary research on the "Middleborough Gazette" yielded.

Years Available

7 Oct 1852 – Samuel Brown publishes first issue of the Namasket Gazette

8 Apr 1853 – Frederick Goss takes over as publisher of the Namasket Gazette

15 Apr 1853 – Goss withdraws as publisher

7 Jul 1854 – Publisher Rev. Stillman Pratt forms printing partnership with Samuel P. Brown

6 Oct 1854 – Pratt and Brown dissolve partnership; Pratt takes over Gazette

31 Aug 1861 – Pratt writes parting editorial; son S. B. Pratt takes over as Editor

1 Sep 1862 – Publisher Rev. Stillman Pratt dies in Middleborough

7 Jan 1865 – Stillman B. Pratt, sole publisher

11 Jan 1868 – D. S. Hasty, new co-publisher as Pratt & Hasty

The Lost Years

1884 – Advertisement in the Middleboro Directory; Gazette published every Friday

1899 – Advertisement in the Middleboro-Lakeville Directory; Wood & Tinkham proprietors

13 Oct 1899 – Lorenzo Wood, weekly newspaper publisher, marries Lucy Savery Lovell

12 Aug 1900 – Birth of his daughter, Doris Marian Wood

12 Jul 1904 – Birth of his daughter, Mary Adeline Wood

Years Available

6 Jan 1905 – Wood and Tinkham publishers

13 Mar 1906 – Birth of Lorenzo Wood, Jr.

30 April 1909 – Obituary of former owner, James Madison Coombs (age 68)

1910 – Lorenzo Wood in census as newspaper editor

12 Mar 1910 – Birth of daughter Charlotte Lovell Wood

24 Jul 1910 – Death of daughter Charlotte Lovell Wood

24 Feb 1912 – Birth of son Alfred Lovell Wood

15 Aug 1919 – Publisher Lorenzo Wood rounds out 20 years at the helm (since 1899)

1920 – Lorenze Wood in census as publisher of a weekly newspaper

1930 – Lorenzo Wood in census as publisher of a weekly newspaper

1 May 1930 – Lorenzo Wood dies in Middleborough

Now, I have documented some descendants of Lorenzo Wood, and he has a grandson - his own namesake - living today. Hopefully he might have some answers...


  1. I am a descendant of both Pratt and Goss. My great-great grandfather's were William Whittemore Goss and Rev. Stillman Pratt. Son of Reverend, Stillman B. Pratt married Ellen Goss and they are my great grandparents.

  2. I am wondering if anybody knows what happened to the missing years of the Middleborough Gazette - have you ever heard anything about that?