Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Countdown to Massachusetts

My bags are packed (almost... I can't exactly stow my toothbrush away just yet!), and this includes my traveling genealogy research kit. I have a list of goals, family group sheets, blank research forms (logs and journals), pens, pencils, change (for copiers and whatnot), post-its, a small stapler, and paper clips. It is all ready to go!

At the bottom of my list of goals are the names, addresses, telephone numbers, and hours for some of the places I intend to visit - the NEHGS library and the Mayflower Society Library. I also plan to work on research at the Plymouth Public Library and Manomet Cemetery, as well as the beach.

No, wait... The beach thing, that's just for relaxation! And as much as we genealogists love traipsing through old cemeteries (could I be a female Indiana Jones? Mostly I've been referred to as Sherlock Holmes, however I don't have the necessary drug addiction; just the powers of observation. Personally, Lara Croft - the Angelina Jolie movie version - is my idol), we also need fun in the sun.

So after I break out the family group sheets, it'll be time to hit the sand!

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