Tuesday, June 5, 2007


I am very excited about my trip to Massachusetts. Although we grew up there, my husband and I have lived in Delaware for 7 years due to his Air Force career.

I grew up in Bridgewater; he grew up in Brockton. Hence, visits to Plimoth Plantation were fairly normal as school field trips for me (apparently, not for him). My grandmother even took my sister and I to see the Mayflower II one summer. How many people think this will be a fun event for their child? Well, it's pride in our heritage, of course.

When I developed an interest in genealogy, I was 12, and not sure how to go about it. I was probably about 15 when I saw the leather folder full of papers on the Blake family of Wrentham, MA; ;in my 20's when it was given to me; and probably about 25 when I delved deeply into genealogy.

So returning to Massachusetts is always an opportunity for new discoveries.

My plans are:

1. Visit NEHGS library in Boston. I want to do this first thing, Tuesday, June 26.

2. Visit Mayflower Society Library in Plymouth. I am SO excited about this!

3. Visit Plymouth Public Library. I've never been there. It's time to go.

4. Revisit White Horse Cemetery and Manomet Church Cemetery on Rt. 3A. I took so many photos last time, and they all came out perfectly.

However, my son was an infant at the time (now he is 4 1/2) and I was nursing, so I kept him with me 24/7. This time, I can leave him with his grandparents and my husband, and enjoy a leisurely exploration of the cemeteries with my Nana.

5. Visit Plymouth Town Hall. Of course, this depends on the people who work there, and what I find at the libraries. I won't pester the Town Clerk if I can find the info I seek at the libraries.

6. Visit a variety of Plymouth County cemeteries.

Today I want to set my research itinerary, print out the necessary family group sheets to bring with me, and determine whether or not I ought to lug my heavy binders of pedigree charts around. I expect I will bring the binders, simply because they are complete, and if I print a few pedigree charts, I may find I want more information...

Well, we shall see!

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