Saturday, February 9, 2008

Making a case for packrats everywhere

I am the anti-packrat. I don't hold onto anything, unless it has important information, is a photograph, etc. This tends to include magazines. I recycle my NEHGS "Register," "New England Ancestors," "Family Tree Magazine," "Mayflower Quarterly," and other publications by bringing them to the local LDS for other genealogists.

I probably go through my magazines every few months, reread them to ensure I have no reason to hang onto them, and then pass them on.

Yesterday I received the newest volume of the "Register" and thought that they had been running the Bennet Eliot story for quite a long time; I wished it was useful to me as I read it, as it was full of wonderful information, and has run for several volumes.

For the heck of it, I turned on my Family Tree Maker to see if I had any Eliots in it. I did have an Elliott. A Sarah Elliott married to a John Aldis. And, apparently, she is the daughter of Philip Eliot, who is a son of Bennet Eliot and his wife, Lettice.

It now seems I must go back over the many "Register" volumes I have and reread the Bennet Eliot series of articles!

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