Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blackden, Blagdon, & Blagden

Sometimes putting families together is a pain, I must say. Particularly when you get back into the 1700's and the men in every generation were named, as my correspondent put it, "John, Charles or William!"

Thankfully, I have completed the transfer of my husband's entire family (even all the ancestors of his step-parents) from FTM to Legacy. Now I'm working on mine (I'm still on my paternal side...).

Meanwhile, my focus is also on the Blackden, Blagdon and Blagden family (families?) that settled in Massachusetts and Maine in the early to mid-1700's.

I have plenty of documentation going about 6 or 7 generations back. But from that 7th generation, and on back, things get cloudy. This is the problem that my email correspondent is having as well. Her female ancestor is a Blagdon, and everything from her marriage through the present day has been figured out.

But the Blagdon's parents? She has not a clue. So I am focused on pulling together every little snippet of Blackden, Blagdon, and Blagden (sometimes even Bragdon and Bragden!) information as I try to help this potential cousin (to my husband).

If you are also researching this family in Somerset County, Maine, and surrounding areas, feel free to drop me a line!


  1. Hi,

    How did you make out in researching the Blagdon/Blackden/Bragdon/etc.'s? I just stumbled into that mess in trying to research a Thomas Tufts Foss who married Roxinda Blackden in 1824. Her parents, according to her death record, were Joseph Blackden and Jane Getchell. She was born in Anson, Maine on the 24 Feb 1803. But I'm getting all my Joseph's mixed up - do you know if he was born in Harvard, Massachusetts and fought in the War of 1812?

  2. Hello there!

    Ah, Joseph Blackden and Jane Getchell. On thoat particular couple, I have:

    Joseph Fairbanks Blackden, born 6 Apr 1772 in Harvard, Worcester County, MA (Vital Records of Harvard, MA to the Year 1850, page 17) and died 27 Aug 1824, Wiscasset, Lincoln, ME.

    I don't have any documentation on Joseph's marriage to Jane Getchell or his death, nor do I have much detail on him, since he is not a direct ancestor.

    He is the son of William Blackden and Sarah Oaks. William is the son of Samuel Blackden, and something very unfortunate happened to Samuel... Here is the link to my family tree where you can find this information and what documentation I have on the family:

    If you work your way back to Samuel, you will see that he was dragged back to England, where he won a hearing against the captain who did it!

    Hope this is helpful. :)