Thursday, April 9, 2009

It was nothing at all

I'm jamming to Heart and thinking how only yesterday, I thought I would just leave my old GEDCOM at Rootsweb, even though I was creating a new and improved (I hope!) file. I thought about the fact that it just isn't perfect.

And I can't help but be a perfectionist when it comes to genealogy. Sources, checking every possible record, not settling for just one method of research, etc. (I will miss the local FHL so much!!! Microfilms, where will I find thou whilst in South Korea???)

But this morning I woke up to an email thanking me for the GEDCOM, which gave another person more information on their family - information I was able to locate because I specifically spent a gorgeous summer day at the NEHGS library to look at a particular file on the archives floor.

It reminded me that when we share, our concerns about the imperfections of our work are of little importance to the person who finds a name they needed, a date they could not seem to find, or a story that gives "life" to their ancestors.

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