Sunday, April 5, 2009

NEHGS volunteer work

I probably put about an hour a day, give or take, into working on files sent to me by NEHGS. But today is the perfect day to sit down, transcribe and proofread, while watching hours and hours of shows on my DVR!

When it comes to TV, I don't watch much. Basically, just give me "Venture Brothers" and "Robot Chicken", and I'm a happy camper. But there are other things on my DVR that just sort of sit, waiting for the day I want to watch them.

Do I want to watch "Out of Africa" today or the pilot for the TV show "Cupid"? I don't do war-type guy-movies, but I have "Taking Chance" on my DVR because of the mention of DAFB. But I think I'd prefer a laugh today. Hmm...

Either way, it is a good day to sit on the couch, put my feet up, plop my laptop on my lap, and get to work on some cemeteries!

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