Thursday, April 2, 2009

Still at it with FTM and Legacy

Wahhh! Do I get to take a break yet?

I do like Family Tree Maker, but the decision to switch to Legacy is based on the fact that I like the format better, particularly for source citation.

I've been at it for... Umm... Almost a year. Why so slow?

1. Because I am not importing my GEDCOM and calling it a day.

2. I chose to go person by person to ensure that all source citations are complete and up to date, as well as to do additional research (not extensive research, but just triple- and quadruple-check things, such as maybe having a grandparent in the 1900 and 1920 censuses, but not finding their 1910 entry previously).

3. I'm a writer, so I'm always working on my trade. I also proofread and edit for "The Beltane Papers", and that takes time, as it is produced 3 times a year.

4. I am the editor for the Bartlett Society's newsletter. That also takes time, as I produce it twice a year.

5. I homeschool my son. Yeah. You guessed it. That takes time. Every day.

6. My husband has been in South Korea since November on his second remote tour (he was there previously in 2002 - but he's glad to be there again. It's a very nice change from the desert!).

Soooo the whole family file transfer moves slowly, but steadily. My Rootsweb tree has not been updated since last year. Life happens.

But I certainly am more fortunate than most, since my days involve putting my feet up to check email and work (on writing or genealogy), then sitting my son down to recite his French, addition and subtraction facts, to study nature, and to create art, then back to the computer for more work on (and I'll bet you guessed it again) writing or genealogy... Or a combination of the two!

Well, I hope to have the file completely done before June, because my life is - hopefully - about to become infinitely more complex.

Let's just say that our follow-on to Alaska at the end of the year is turning into something that might happen sooner... And take me further away from home.

Regardless of the Air Force's decision on our next move (Monday can not come fast enough), the result will definitely mean no more quick and easy 8-hour trips home to Massachusetts, and days spent at cemeteries, town halls and libraries, while my in-laws spend time with my son.

Thank goodness for NEHGS!!!

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