Sunday, May 17, 2009

Life is busy

I've been focused on the move to Korea and the general craziness of life, so no new WWII photos have gone up. I shall get to them today!

Meanwhile, I am happy to report contact with new cousins regarding my husband's family. Fabulous. Someday I hope to meet these wonderful folks.

Isn't it funny how Korea was not a place I ever planned to visit, but I'm about to live there, while I would love to live in Canada, but will have to settle for visiting sometime in the future (I'll probably be in my 40's by then... Oh, wait... That's only 6 years from now!).

Off to the UU for church (speaking of religion, I highly recommend "Religulous" for anyone who will not be offended by Bill Maher's questioning of the Abrahamic religions. Obviously I am not Christian, Jewish or Muslim, so I found it HILARIOUS), and then I must pounce on my genealogical emails when I get home, as well as clean out my desk (how did the bottom drawer get so heavy?) and go through photographs for an aunt.


I spent this past weekend running errands, including purchasing luggage and all the necessary items for flying with cats (awesome new carriers, harnesses, ID tags, etc.).

And I will also get up a post with some new WWII photos today. I'm ambitious!

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