Friday, August 28, 2009


Now that I'm settled and acclimated to South Korea, I'm trying to figure out the next direction my research will take.

At the moment, getting into a new routine takes precedence over extended periods of research (our new homeschool year is beginning, I've been trying to spend most of my time on my writing, etc.).

I still volunteer for NEHGS.  I can think of no better way to give back, since I can't exactly endow them financially.  I am grateful for their existence.  That genealogical society membership has really paid for itself a thousandfold over the years!

I am also still in the process of transferring all information, person by person, from Family Tree Maker to Legacy.  Oddly enough, when my husband gave me a new laptop as a "Thank you for flying halfway around the world despite your fear of flying" gift, my Family Tree Maker 16 required a download to make it compatible with Windows Vista (which I dislike intensely), but my Legacy program (dated 2002) did not.

One of the things I did to keep busy while I was waiting to fly from the U.S. to Korea was research for the lovely family who had us as houseguests as we awaited our passports.  Her family comes from the Rochester, NY area, and she also ended up having Mayflower ancestors.  I had fun tying her lines to mine, as well as getting her started on her New York research.

She had gone to Utah for the UU General Assembly (where the Unitarian Universalists of Central Delaware were officially recognized as a new congregation!!!), and spent one of her days there at the LDS Family History Center.  (Yes, I envy her the experience.)  So her interest in family history finally had the chance to not only take root, but sprout some branches!

Of course there remains the issue of my brick wall ancestor, Emma Anna Murphy, whose mystery can be read here and here.

Finally, what overseas assignment would be complete if I did not take advantage of the opportunity for on-site research?  None.

The problem is, I don't have any Asian ancestors.  However, I DO have recent ancestors from Italy and England.  Our hopes are that our next set of orders will put us in Europe (end of next year), and if that happens, I am ready to hop a train to Italy to meet my cousins!  To cross the English channel to visit Manchester, where my great-great grandfather was born!  Perhaps I will even solve a Mayflower mystery!  (Ok, wishful thinking there.)

I must say I am grateful to have New England ancestry.  Other than that unexpected branch of ancestors from North Carolina and Virginia (who married into one of the oldest Massachusetts families), I have been fortunate to find that my family is very well-documented.   Their names are all over Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island (and of course there is a bit of New Hampshire and Maine in there as well).

Naturally I will continue to work on my husband's Loyalist ancestors - those Hawksley and Goodwin families.  I am thankful that I managed to hook up with one of my husband's distant cousins in Canada.  We have been working together to fluff out the branches of the family tree, which now is a bit fuller thanks to our cooperative research efforts. 

She has also provided invaluable assistance to me in understanding what holdings are available in New Brunswick and throughout Canada.  (Marian, I hope you're enjoying your Icelandic vacation!)

For the moment, I'm ready to call it a night.  But tomorrow seems like a good day to work on my file, and figure out how I will refocus my research efforts.


  1. I also am a huge genealogy researcher. I never thought of blogging it, but it's a perfect idea to share with family and friends. I've been researching my own family for years and I have to second your move from FTM to Legacy. I switched to FTM after rave reviews and gave my Legacy away. Huge mistake, I hate it!

  2. Hi Desiree,

    I'm still trying to get into a rhythm here. Genealogy took a back seat to everything else during our move.

    The blogging is done in hopes of people finding a name or something and saying, "Hey! I have the info you need!" LOL ESPECIALLY on my husband's Loyalist ancestors and my great-great grandma Emma!

    Yeah, I've used FTM for years, but I like Legacy so much better.

    Right now I miss having an LDS church nearby to order microfilms. :(

  3. OH WOW! Apparently there IS an LDS Family History Center in MY CITY!

    I'll have to call and hope they speak English... LOL