Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cahoons and Haleys

One of the best things about posting your genealogical findings online is hearing from cousins you never knew you had.

This is how I met Colleen, a descendant of my distant great-uncle, William Haley. 

Of particular interest to Colleen was the sketchy history of her great-great grandmother, Bessie, William's wife. Bessie was a difficult lady to trace, but soon we were able to put together most of the story! And then Colleen was able to fill in the rest of the information from William and Bessie, through their daughter Martha Lenora Haley, who married Alphonso Francis Cahoon on 18 Jul 1891 in Bourne, Barnstable County, Massachusetts.

Bessie was born Bessie Philenia Harrison approximately 29 Apr 1851 in Sandwich, Barnstable County, Massachusetts. No birth record appears to exist.  Her mother, Roselia Fuller Shaw, died 7 May 1851 in Sandwich. The cause? "Hastened by childbirth."

Bessie's father, George Lewis Harrison, sent her to be reared by John and Pamela Covill. 

At the age of 18, Bessie was married for the first time to Matthew S. Fletcher - 4 Aug 1869, Sandwich, MA. He died at sea, and Bessie married William Haley on 28 Mar 1873 in Middleboro, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

William died in 1882, and finally Bessie married Charles Howard Noyes on 31 Jan 1888 in Boston, MA.

She had children in each marriage, most of whom lived to adulthood.

The one child who remains a mystery is Roy Lester Haley, born about September 1882, and supposedly died in St. Louis, Missouri at the home of Bessie's brother, George Henry Harrison, around 1883 or so. No birth record exists for Roy in Massachusetts. 

Bessie Philenia (Harrison) (Covill) (Fletcher) (Haley) Noyes certainly gave us quite a headache! Fortunately, William Haley's Civil War pension file helped fill in some blanks, but this family tree is still sketchy at best.

The Harrison side requires more research (which I am in the midst of at this very moment) and we would love to know exact dates for little Roy Lester Haley!

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  1. My blog has brought me together with people I didn't know as well.
    In one case in the past few days, the descendants of one of my grandfather's brothers contacted me. These descendants are English speakers living in Calgary, Alberta and we never knew they existed!
    Evelyn in Montreal