Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cold Weather Inspiration

Is it just me, or do the cold days inspire us to spend more time with vital records CDs, NEHGS, Family Tree MagazineGoogle Books, and internet genealogy in general?

Where I live, below-freezing temperatures are in the forecast.  Yesterday, I turned into a popsicle while doing my shopping (we currently reside overseas, and choose not to own a car). 

However, I came home and warmed my fingers right up at the computer with some genealogy.  I am still in the midst of transferring my file from Family Tree Maker to Legacy, person by person... 

This has also resulted in new discoveries (I am waiting for a death certificate on one to confirm my analysis of the facts, and will share it - there are many people out there who do not have this information; I am counting on you, O Town Clerk of Glocester, Rhode Island).

What have you been up to, fellow genealogists?

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