Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wood, Woodbury & Dodge in Beverly, MA

While I tend to stick to direct lines when it comes to pre-1850 ancestors, sometimes there are groups of people I know connect, or names that repeat so often that I feel the need to include siblings to ensure that I have the correct dates on a family.

The Wood family (my direct paternal ancestors) of Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts (and later of Blue Hill, Hancock County, Maine) are such a family. For the first 3 generations, practically every son is named Anthony, Israel, or Joseph (my line, incidentally). This can cause confusion among somebody looking at online family trees for the first time.

Furthermore, there are several Woodburys who married into the Wood family. Once more, names are often repeated, particularly William, John and Humphrey.

And, finally, the Dodge family is married both to my Wood ancestors and into Woodbury collateral lines.

Today I am working on making sense of it all. My own lines through Wood, Woodbury and Dodge are quite straightforward. 

However, with all of the Woodbury and Dodge spouses, knowing they connect to the same ancestor, it does not make sense to leave them 'dangling' in my family tree. Unfortunately, many online family trees are incredibly confusing on these families. Even the ones that are well-documented have befuddled me. 

It is my goal today to ensure that I have connected the correct sons and daughters to the correct parents on the Woodbury family, before continuing with the file changeover.

I am pleased to say that I have 100% of my husband's family's information switched over from Family Tree Maker to Legacy. And I probably added more documentation in the course of my work.

It is quite an effort, working on each individual separately. I have researched these people time and again, and have very little to add to most of the entries, except a page number on a citation. 

Yet, many times I am pausing and re-addressing brick walls or disappearing relatives, and have been making new discoveries as a result.

It is Sunday morning here, so back to work for me!

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