Saturday, January 9, 2010

Levi Benson of Wareham, MA

Levi Benson was born sometime between 1755 and 1770. He married Susannah Bumpus (daughter of Samuel Bumpus and Elizabeth Maxim) on 24 April 1793 in Wareham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Levi died 25 January 1815 in Wareham.

He is found in the 1798 Massachusetts and Maine Direct Tax, the 1800 census in Rochester, MA, and the 1810 census in Wareham. He and his children are covered on page 440 of The Benson Family of Colonial Massachusetts by Richard H. Benson.

With this information, however, there is certain information we don't have - the names of Levi's parents or where he was born.

A variety of 1880 census entries and death records for Levi's children give a variety of answers on where he was born.

Where Was Levi Born?

My 4th great-grandfather, Eliel Benson (the 8th child of Levi and Susannah) gives his father's place of birth in the 1880 census as Pennsylvania.

Levi's daughters Laura and Mahala give his place of birth as Massachusetts.  Massachusetts is also given as his place of birth in Laura's death record. 

His daughter Lucy's death record gives his place of birth as Benson, Rutland County, Vermont.

Considering the fact that the Benson family of Massachusetts migrated to both Pennsylvania and Vermont, these are all possibilities for Levi's place of birth. 

He may fit in well with other Rochester or Wareham families, but no record of a birth or baptism for Levi Benson has been found as of yet in that area.

For this reason, I have put a great amount of time into the cluster genealogy method with this family, tracing Levi's descendants for a few generations in hopes of finding other clues as to his origins.


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