Saturday, February 20, 2010

Catholic Hierarchy, part 2

Now that I have compiled a list of all Bishops born in Italy between 1800 and 1860 (or appointed after 1840), I have roughly 600 pages of information to sort through.

My next step is to narrow the list down to those who were born in the region of Liguria, where my great-great grandmother was born, or to the following regions, which border it:

Toscano (Tuscany)
Emilia Romagna
Piemonte (where my great-great grandfather was born)

From my searches on the internet, it appears that most Italian families tended to stay in the region or province in which they were born.  There is a strong sense of pride on many levels when it comes to their home town and surrounding areas. 

It stands to reason that if my great-great grandmother was born in Moneglia, her uncle was probably born in the same region, if not the same province.

Of course, this is not an exact science.  Just as one can not construct a complete genealogy based upon Italian naming traditions (never assume the first born son is named after his grandfather), I can not assume that my great-great grandmother's mother or father have deep roots in the region of Liguria. 

Once again, it is a process. And a potentially fruitless one at that! Yet, we genealogists persevere in search of our heritage.

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