Sunday, February 28, 2010

Our Ancestors, Part 1: Hawksley

I have shared tidbits here and there about various ancestors, but I think it is time to show you our family tree.  Perhaps you will see names of interest and find connections.

If you have any New England ancestors whatsoever, the odds of you being related to me are pretty high.  I'm not sure how it happened, but my family somehow manages to be descended from just about... everybody who came to Massachusetts, not to mention Connecticut and Rhode Island, with some Maine and New Hampshire thrown in for good measure (poor Vermont; left out of the mix).

So I have decided to post Ahnentafels on our ancestors.  Each lineage will begin with a great grandparent (for privacy's sake; half of our grandparents are still living).

Since this is a joint genealogy of both my husband's and my families, I will begin with Hawksley and connected lines.

My husband has the most eclectic mix of ancestors and lineages (far more so than me; you will find many instances in which my family tree, as Jeff Foxworthy puts it, does not fork).  In my husband's ancestry, we see English, Scots and Irish, French, German, and Dutch, and plenty of Ye Olde New England families as well.

Ahnentafel 1: Hawksley, which takes us mostly through Aroostook County, Maine, New Brunswick, and a bit into Sleepy Hollow, as well as upstate New York.

Generation 1

1.  Guy Sylvester Hawksley (1893-1976), my husband's great-grandfather

Generation 2

2.  William Roger Hawksley (1852-1925)
3.  Lydia Ann McPherson (1857-1937)

Generation 3

4.  John Goodwin Hawksley (1810-1893)
5.  Lucy Thomas Lilley (1822-1880)

6.  Isaac Newton McPherson (1830-1907)
7.  Angiline White (1838-1921)

Generation 4

8.  Unknown Hawksley
9.  Mary Goodwin (c. 1787-1868)

10.  Samuel Lilley (1786-1868)
11.  Rebecca Green (1801-1886)

12.  Charles Alexander McPherson (1785-1868)
13.  Sarah Adelia Grant (1802-1889)

14.  Isaac White (1796-1874)
15.  Rachel Yerxa (1801-1884)

Generation 5

18. Unknown Goodwin (Loyalist from New Jersey)
19. Unknown Workman

20.  Roger Lilley
21.  Frances

22.  William Green
23.  Unknown MacGibbons (???)

24.  Allan McPherson
25.  Isabel

26.  James Grant
27.  Elspet

28.  Isaac White (1767-c. 1850-1860)
29.  Susannah Morehouse (c. 1778-1784 - bef. 1850)

30.  Johannis Yerxa (c. 1751-1828)
31.  Catherine Gerow (1752-?)

Generation 6

56.  Thomas White (c. 1737-1816)
57.  Dorothea Brass (c. 1735-1745 - ?)

58.  Daniel Morehouse (1758-c.1806)
59.  Unknown

60.  Abraham Jurckse (c. 1726-bef. 1756)
61.  Engeltje Storm (1730-c.1804)

62.  Daniel Giraud (1725-1791)
63.  Elizabeth Coutant (1727-1816)

Generation 7

114:  Pieter Brass
115:  Elizabeth Cornelius

116:  Joseph Morehouse (1732-?)
117:  Hannah Banks (1739-?)

120:  Johannis Jurckse (c. 1695-bef 1750)
121:  Rachel Williams (c. 1705-?)

122:  Jan Storm (1704-?)
123:  Rachel DeRevier

124:  Daniel Giraud (c. 1700-abt 1757)
125:  Catherine Secord (1704-?)

126:  Jean Coutant (1695-1749)
127:  Elizabeth Angevine (1701-?)

Generation 8

240:  Johannis Jurcksen (1653-c.1701)
241:  Annetje Jochems von Wert (c.1660-?)

242:  Robert Williams (c.1664-?)
243:  Grace Cerant (c.1662-?)

244:  Gregorius Storm (1656-1711)
245:  Engeltje VanDyck

246:  Abraham DeRevier
247:  Unknown

248:  Daniel Giraud (1665-1757)
249:  Jeanne Lamerraine (1667-?)

250:  Daniel Secord (1672-c.1742)
251:  Catherine Woertman (c.1682-?)

252:  Jean Coutant (c.1658-1715)
253:  Susan Guion (1660-aft 1719)

254:  Zachariah Angevine
255:  Marie Naudin (1679-bef 1739)

Generation 9

480:  Paulix Jurcksen (c.1630-c.1685)
481:  Christina Janse (c.1632-?)

484:  Hope Willemze (Williams)

488:  Dirck Storm (1630-1716)
489:  Maria von Montfoord

490:  Thomas VanDyck

496:  Etienne Giraud (?-1692)
497:  Janne Foucard

500:  Ambroise Sicord (1631-1712)
501:  Jennie Perron (c.1636-c.1688)

502:  Dirck Jans Woertman (1630-1694)
503:  Marrietje Teunis Denyse (1644-1690)

506:  Louis Guion (bef.1640-?)
507:  Unknown

508:  Louis Angevine
509:  Marguerite Chalons (1635-?)

510:  Andre Naudin (1640-?)
511:  Marguerite (c.1645-?)

Generation 10

976:  Dirck Storm (1599-?)
977:  Alida van Cortenbosch

978:  Pieter van Montfoord
979:  Unkonwn

1004:  Jans William Woertman (1600-1647)
1005:  Harmetje

1016:  Henry Angevine (1611-?)
1017:  Charlotte Guinere

Generation 11

2008:  Nicholas Workman (1543-?)
2009:  Julyann

2032:  Francis Angevine (1588-c.1628)
2033:  Marie


  1. Wendy, I ready your list twice, and I didn't see any names we share, but maybe in another report. Nice report, I need to learn how to do it. Bet your adopted country is thrilled with the figure skater.

  2. South Korea definitely was not disappointed, I'm sure! They had high hopes for her.

    I must admit, I was cheering for Rochette. :)

    More lists are going up. My husband's side has less of the "old New England" blood in it, as you will see. His lineage is more diverse than mine!

  3. I'm hoping you will do a post or two about the area you are living. Who cares if it isn't genealogy.

  4. Are your Lillies from Reading, Massachusetts?

  5. Heather: We don't know where they came from. Samuel Lilley was born 7 Sep 1786 in New Brunswick. It is possible that his parents, Roger and Frances Lilley, or his grandparents, were from Massachusetts.

    Barbara: I will post some pictures from Korea. I must admit to having no interest in the country, and being a complete deadbeat about traveling here! But we do intend to see the Korean Folk Village, so I will certainly share pictures and a few posts before we leave.

  6. Jeanne La Merraine past in the year 1753

  7. Thank you very much for the information.

  8. Hi Wendy!

    I came across this post while doing a search on Charles MacPherson and Sarah Adelia Grant--they are my 5x-great-grandparents. Charles' origin seems to be a matter of debate: some researchers claim he was born in Long Island, NY or Rhode Island (which I have found no documentation of), but the Deane and Kavanagh Report on the Inhabitants of the Madawaska Settlements, taken July-August 1831, notes that Charles was from Portland, ME. Have you been able to sort this out? Also, I noticed you list both Charles' parents and Sarah's--can I ask how you found this info?

    So glad to have found your blog!!



  9. Hi Kate,

    Charles McPherson's parents are listed in "Genealogies (First Families) at the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick, Canada", by Robert Fellows (McA to McY, page 205 of 218).

    Here is a link:

    This is basically a detailed index to the family histories available at the New Brunswick Provincial Archives, so the information is only as good as that which was provided in the family history that was cited.

    The family history cited in this instance is "Our McPherson Family History" by Gertrude Norcross.

    I have yet to follow up on primary source information for this family, but I hope this information helps you!

  10. Hi Wendy,

    This is very helpful, thank you! At least with the names of the Scottish parishes Charles and Sarah's birth and marriage records are associated with, it's a jumping off point to check for records. It looks like some info might actually be on some LDS film. If I find anything good, I'll let you know.

    Thanks again!


  11. Hi Wendy,

    Samuel Lilley and Rebecca Green were my g-g grandparents. My research indicates that Samuel probably came to New Brunswick from Newfoundland around 1816. His land grant petition from the 1820's indicates this. I have been unable to learn anything about his parents. Numerous web entries list Roger and Frances, but I have found no documentation. Do you know where the Roger and Frances info. comes from? Thanks

  12. Hi Carole,

    This is an instance in which I have no idea where people have found the information, nor have I ever had the opportunity to visit New Brunswick to research this family.

    A possible way to find the answer is to obtain Samuel Lilley's death certificate from the town in which he died in Maine, and see if it names his parents. This is on my to-do list. :)

  13. Wendy--great job! I was just browsing the net and stumbled on it. How the heck are you all?

  14. Doing very well, Aunt Claire! Getting ready for a European adventure, and perhaps I'll dig up some Hawksley origins. How are you?

  15. Boom related right away! My great grandfather is Guy Sylvester Hawksley !!!

    1. Which Guy Sylvester, Melissa? There are two - my ex-husband's great-grandfather, and then one from another generation. :)

      You may email me at autumndivona AT yahoo DOT com if you ever want to talk genealogy.

    2. Guy Sylvester Hawksley (1893-1976), Lived in Massachusetts in the Oxford area.

    3. Hi Melissa, I received your email and hope to respond tonight!