Saturday, February 6, 2010

Third Annual iGene Awards: Massachusetts style!

So I'm going to give this interesting blogging topic a shot and see what I can come up with as I look through my 2009 entries for New England Genealogy...  Let's see who wins in my eyes!

Best Picture

I don't share photographs often, but I must say that my pick would be the Blake Family of Dorchester, MA.  This photograph is actually in my sidebar as well, and I love it - most of all - because it was the first such family photograph I ever saw.  It brought me to genealogy at the age of 12, and I have been pestering people to tell me about their ancestors ever since.

Best Screen Play

Perhaps my Celtic Heritage would make a fabulous movie, if only to add some drama to the unknown aspect of my 4th great-grandfather Edward Marshall Haley's life!  We know he came to Massachusetts and was married in 1830 in Plymouth, but I wonder what his life was like in Ireland and why he came to America. 

I would definitely cast Gabriel Byrne to play Edward, and probably Jonas Armstrong as his eldest, fun-loving son, Tom (not my ancestor, but one of the 12 children about whom the most has been written).  And I think Nicole Kidman would make a lovely Clarissa Barrett, my 4th great-grandmother, the woman Edward married in Massachusetts.  Jonathan Rhys Meyers would work for my 3rd great-grandfather, their youngest child, Benjamin Haley.  I imagine my grandfather had a rather melancholic aspect to him...

Best Documentary

A blog, particularly a genealogy blog, is all about conveying information.  And the award goes to The Timeline for Emma, a chronological look at my elusive great-great grandmother.

Best Biography

Anybody looking for information on the woman who was known by 5 surnames need not look any further.  I have untangled the gordian knot that is Bessie Philena (Harrison) (Covill) (Fletcher) (Haley) Noyes.

Best Comedy

Alas, humor does not seem to play into genealogy as often as I would like.  I think the most blithe blog post (it is the best I could manage in 2009, apparently) was It Was Nothing At All, which gives you the tiniest bit of insight into my silly side.  Or at least my musical preferences.  ;)

Now the envelopes have all been opened, the awards have been distributed, and the performers have taken their bows.  Thank you and good night!


  1. I enjoyed this and went through each link. This must have taken quite a bit of time to do, and it shows. Very nice, and I hope you win in all categories.

  2. Nice job Wendy! I have to agree with you that the family picnic photo is really lovely. It speaks to you, doesn't it? There's so much personality in that one photo!

  3. Great job! I especially loved the photo and the timeline post.

  4. Great posts! I loved the timeline post, it's a great example of how a timeline can organize the information you have so you can see the gaps there still are.