Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Galfre & Bergamasco - family documents

We are fortunate to have a few documents on our Italian ancestry.  Though they do not give us all the answers, they at least fill in some of the blanks.  My great-aunt Jo assembled these many years ago.  There are still other documents in her home, however her health does not permit her to go through them, nor does she have any children who can assist in the endeavor.  I am not sure when I will be able to see the originals, if ever.

Death certificate of Ernesta Maddelena (Bergamasco) Galfre:

Birth certificate (Certificato di Nascita) of Bartolomeo Galfre (I have his death certificate as well, but it repeats everything in the birth certificate and army discharge below, although it spells his parents' names as "Michael Galfre" and "Francesca Mouossero"):

Army discharge for Bartolomeo Galfre, front and back:

Passport for Bartolomeo Galfre:

Passport for Ernesta Maddelena (Bergamasco) Galfre:

These have all been translated, although the writing style may certainly have led to errors on our part!

I have contacted my Nana to ask if my great aunt would be willing to lend me the original papers she has, as she did not copy every single one for the family history she assembled (of course, I offered to pay for mailing them).  I also realize that many people find it difficult to part with such things, even temporarily.  So I am not getting my hopes up.

It makes me sad to think that someday these papers will go to the cousins back home who may or may not care about their importance to us as a family.  :(

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  1. The Italian discharge paper is a beautiful document! How sad that the papers we fill out in our lives today are not so pretty...