Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our Ancestors, Part 4: Gage

This post would simply be far too long as an Ahnentafel.  A "book report" on the ancestors of my husband's great grandmother, Mabel Emma Gage, created in Legacy was 238 pages long (including sources and an index). 

So, for Mabel, I am going to simply post a list of the ancestors at the end of the pedigree charts I have on her.  This may not necessarily be the oldest ancestor, but will go into the 1600's in most cases.

Mabel Emma Gage (wife of Arthur William LaPearl) was born 16 July 1896 in Southbridge, Worcester County, Massachusetts.  She died 4 March 1990 in Webster, so my husband had the good fortune of knowing his great-grandmother for the first 25 years of his life.

Mabel goes back to the following ancestors:

Philip Gage, b. 11 Aug 1723 in Watertown, MA, who married Anna Priest, b. abt 1721 in Waltham, MA (her parents are unknown and she is one of the my husband's brick walls).

Philip's parents are Robert Gage, who married Mary Bacon on 8 Oct 1719 in Watertown, MA.  Robert's origins and parents are unknown.  Mary comes from that long Bacon line (parents were John and Abigail; grandparents were Daniel and Mary) that goes back to Conquest.

Uriah Leonard who married Elizabeth Caswell in Taunton, Massachusetts on 1 Jun 1685.

John Barney who married Mary Throope in Rehoboth, Massachusetts on 4 Nov 1686.

John Wild, who died in Braintree, Massachusetts, and married Sarah Hayden.

Samuel Bass who married Mary Adams in Braintree, Massachusetts.  Yes, this Bass line goes back to John Alden.

Henry Wheeler and Abigail Allen in Salisbury, Massachusetts.

Philip Squire and Rachel Ruggles in Boston, Massachusetts.

Joseph Jenks and Esther Ballard in Providence, Rhode Island.

John Butterworth and Hannah Wheaton in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

Thomas Porter and Sarah Vining, married 1670 in Weymouth, Massachusetts.

John Holbrook and Abigail Pierce in Scituate, Massachusetts.

George Allen and Catherine Starkes who died in Sandwich, Massachusetts.

Yelverton Crowell and Elizabeth Hammond.

John Hutchinson and Hannah Root.

Thomas Washburn and Deliverance Packard - this line goes back through Thomas to Francis Cook.

Richard Cutting and Sarah in Watertown, Massachusetts.

William Hagar and Mary Bemis in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Isaac Mixer and Mary Coolidge, who were married 19 Sep 1655 in Watertown, Massachusetts.

Nathan Richardson and Ruth Bosworth, who were married 29 December 1768 in Stafford, Connecticut.

Samuel Edson and Susannah Orcutt in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

George Turner and Mary Robbins.

William Orcutt (brother of Susannah, above) and Mary Lane in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

John Washburn and Elizabeth Mitchell (parents of Thomas Washburn who married Deliverance Packard), married 6 December 1645 in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  Another line back to Francis Cook (this through their daughter, Jane Washburn).

Samuel Blodgett who married Ruth Eggleston on 13 December 1655 in Woburn, Massachusetts.

William Simonds who married Judith Phippen on 18 January 1643/44 in Woburn, Massachusetts.

Dennis Darling who married Hannah Francis on 3 January 1662/63 in Braintree, Massachusetts.

Thomas White who married Mehitable Thornton in December 1687 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Ebenezer Billings who married Anne Comstock 28 Feb or 1 March 1681 in Stonington, Connecticut.

Joseph Bowen who married Elizabeth Round and lived in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

Malatiah Martin who married Rebecca Brooks on 6 November 1696 in Swansea, Massachusetts.

Thomas Wood who married Rebecca and died in Swansea, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel Daggett who married Rebecca Miller on 24 June 1686 in Rehoboth, Massachusetts.

A rather sparse Herendeen/Harrington line that goes back to Joseph Harrington who married Sarah Tillinghast before 1674 in Providence, Rhode Island.

Robert Taft who married Sarah Simpson, and died in Mendon, Massachusetts on 8 Feb 1724/25.

Henry Sweeting and Martha Cole, who married about 1687 in Bristol County, Massachusetts.

Nathaniel Brown who married Sarah Jenks (daughter of Joseph Jenks and Esther Ballard mentioned previously).

John Cruff who married Eleanor Browne on 26 November 1689 in Marblehead, Massachusetts.

David Flint who married Ruth Flint on 4 January 1698/99 in Salem, Massachusetts.

Anthony Sprague who married Elizabeth Bartlett on 26 December 1661 in Plymouth, Massachusetts (a line back to Richard Warren).

Ephraim Kempton who married Mary Reeves on 7 November 1673 in Scituate, Massachusetts.

John Chantrell and Mary Mellows.

Benjamin Deland who married Katherine Hodges on 7 December 1681 in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Richard Peters and Bethiah Allen.

John Richards who married Mary Brewer on 18 November 1674 in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Joseph Collins and Sarah Hires.

Michael Bowden who married Sarah Nurse on 15 December 1669 in Topsfield, Massachusetts (and goes back to Rebecca (Towne) Nurse, who was executed for witchcraft).

John Davis who married Sarah Kirkland on 5 October 1664 in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Joseph Bixby who married Sarah Wyatt in 1646 in Boxford, Massachusetts.

John Gould who married Sarah Baker on 14 October 1660 in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Isaac Cummings who married Mary Andrews and died in Topsfield, Massachusetts.

Thomas Howlett who married Lydia Peabody about 1662 in Massachusetts.

Nathaniel Beckley who married Comfort Deming on 18 May 1693 in Wethersfield, Connecticut.

Benjamin Judd who married Susannah North on 18 January 1693/94 in Farmington, Connecticut.

Timothy Bragg who married Lydia Gott on 24 February 1684/85 in Ipswich, Massachusetts.

Jonathan Brigham who married Mary Fay on 26 March 1696 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

Thomas Barnes who married Mary Howe on 14 April 1685 in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

George Abbott who married Esther Ballard on 13 September 1689 in Andover, Massachusetts.

James Corbin who married Hannah Eastman on 7 April 1697 in Woodstock, Connecticut.

Joseph Winship who had a son with Hannah Corbin (a descendant of the above couple) in 1790 in Thompson, Connecticut; Joseph is a brick wall ancestor.

Jeremiah Barstow and Sarah Howe.

Jonathan Cooledge who married Mercy about 1701 in Boston, Massachusetts.

Much more work needs to go into filling in the blanks on these families on my end, but there are definitely a couple of brick walls floating around here!


  1. William Symonds and Judith Phippin jumped out at me. Also, I am a Towne descendant through Mary Towne Esty. Possibly I connect to your husband through a couple of other lines.

    I'm always amazed when I go through someone else's list and recognize dozens of names that I am not related too.

  2. Even more in common this time...Isaac Coolidge, but from his 1st wife; Samuel Blodgett and Ruth Eggleston; William Simonds and Judith Phippen; the Flints, Brewers, Collins, Hires, Andrews...lots of common ancestors!

  3. Wendy, I'm like Apple, quite a few same surnames, but no connections this time. Did you know that Randy also has Nurse? He mentioned it a few days ago.

  4. It is so funny how many common ancestors we can find when we go back so far! I told my husband not to be surprised to find plenty of distant cousins. :)

    Yes, I did read about Randy's descent from Rebecca (Towne) Nurse (believe I commented on it as well... or maybe I didn't... LOL It is 8:23 a.m. here, so I'm not fully awake yet).