Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tsk, Tsk, "Easy Genealogy"

I decide to take a little blogging break, and then hear from the very sweet Evelyn that Easy Genealogy splogged some of my content?  How disappointing.

I am fighting back, of course, and so should you if they do this to you.  Thomas MacEntee tells you what to do if this happens to you.  Yes, that includes sending a letter to Google.  It is definitely worth the stamp.

This makes me very thankful for the community of geneabloggers, looking out for each other!  It is too bad that we are doing something to try to connect with others, and that unscrupulous "people" want to steal our hard work.  Pfffft to you.


I am mailing out DMCA Copyright Infringement Notices/complaints to both Google and Easy Genealogy's host. 

When I got home this afternoon (4:30 p.m. Seoul time; 3:30 a.m. Eastern Standard Time), there was an email from Easy Genealogy in response to my complaint directly to them (sent via the "About" page).  They said they removed the content.

Regardless, I am sending the DMCA Complaints.  Unfortunately, the content will be gone and maybe nothing can be done specifically about my complaints as a result.

However, perhaps if Google and Easy Genealogy's host get enough complaints, they will shut the site down entirely. 

Go, fight, win!

Copyright (c) by Wendy L. Hawksley


  1. What a bummer. Been following what Tom has written. Good for you, as Amy wrote. Looking forward in getting you back and the problem resolved!

  2. I received a response from Easy-Genealogy.com as well and I will update the post over on GeneaBloggers.

    I hope this serves as a lesson to any opportunists out there who think that since genealogy is "hot" due to media exposure, it means you can make an easy buck my stealing content from other bloggers.

  3. Good job Wendy! I'm so glad someone was watching out for you! Remember Socrates "Regard your good name as the richest jewel you can possibly be possessed"