Thursday, April 8, 2010

How a Week-Long Layover is Good for Genealogy

My husband is flying to the states for his sister's wedding this month.  He is traveling Space A, which is quite an adventure.  Because he needs to wait for specific flights, he will be stuck in Seattle for a week.

It turns out something I want to see (or have somebody look at for me) is in Seattle. 

The Alexander Sampson papers (letters, diaries, etc.) are at the University of Washington.  You may recall that Captain Sampson is one of the Duxbury, MA men who joined Rufus Holmes and my 3rd great-grandfather, William W. Winsor, in the settling of Port Angeles, Washington.

The James G. Swan diaries (available online) mentioned William up until 1864, when he was in Victoria, British Columbia.

There is an 1867 court case in Jefferson County, Washington in which a W. W. Winsor in mentioned.  Unfortunately, every time I try to access the Washington State Archives Digital Archives, where the case is supposed to be mentioned, I get an error page.  (Perhaps because I have an international IP.)

I hope that Alexander Sampson's correspondence and diaries might say more about William, including where he went, and possibly when and where William died.

My husband says he will have nothing better to do for a week in Seattle, and he is more than willing to go to U-Dub's library for me, rather than stay in his room at McChord.

He is not "into" genealogy, but he is always willing to lend me a hand!

As my Friday gets underway, I would like to thank Betty of Betty's Boneyward Genealogy Blog, who included me when she passed on the Ancestor Approved Award.  Thank you very much.  :)

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  1. Lucky gal to have "willing hands" to do some research. I'way envious.

  2. It's nice you have a Hubby who supports you. Mine loves to drive me around on our "genealogy trips" to look at cemeteries, libraries, museums etc. He even takes all the photos. He only asks that he be allowed to put the top down if it's more than 40 degrees. Brrrr....

  3. Helpful husbands are a definite plus in genealogy research. Mine is into history but not genealogy; he loves to do the history legwork for my genealogy research, however.