Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Ancestors, Part 6: Forand

This is the last ahnentafel for my ex-husband in which the ancestors are completely French Canadian.  More French Canadian lilneage exists on his grandmother's side, but that will be another posting.  :)

As with the previous posts, I begin with my ex-husband's great-grandparents, and work backwards from them.  Marie Rose Blanche Forand was the wife of Arthur Romuald Terrien (Our Ancestors, Part 5: Therrien).

As you can see from the lack of dates and information, this line has received the least attention from me.  I think that is because it is the last of the full-French Canadian lines my ex-husband has, and by the time I work my way to it, I'm a little befuddled by all of the names and places.  LOL

Therefore, this will be a very short posting; I will stop at number 25 due to lack of information, although I can go much further back on the Forand, Brodeur, and Monast ancestors.

Generation 1:

1. Marie Rose Blanche Forand (1899-1993)

Generation 2:

2. Cesaire Forand (1866-1944)

3. Marie Louise Monast (1862-1940)

Generation 3:

4. Joseph Forand (1832-1887)

5. Philomene Brodeur (1840-1932)

6. Francois Monast (1830-1897)

7. Henriette LeDuc (1831-1886)

Generation 4:

8.  Pierre Forand (1799-bef. 1884)

9.  Marie Marguerite Hamel (1800-bef. 1894)

10.  Paul Brodeur dit Lavigne

11.  Dorothee Ayette dit Malo

12.  Francois Monast

13.  Justine LeTourneau

14.  Oliver leDuc dit Jolicaeur

15.  Adelaide Maille

Generation 5:

16.  Charles Forand

17.  Marie Gauthier

18.  Francois Hamel (1773-1861)

19.  Marguerite DuBois (1781-?)

20.  Christophe Brodeur

21.  Marie Senet

22.  Michel Ayette dit Malo

23.  Marie Fugere dit Champagne

24.  Joseph Monast

25.  Judith Rebilleau

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    Do you know the parents of Michel Ayet dit Malo who married Marie Fugere dit Champange? I am trying to tie them into "My" Louis Malo since they both come from the same place in Quebec. I do known Michel had a son Louis that lived in Taunton, MA.


  2. Hi there Kim,

    I have Joseph Ayet dit Malo and Marie Louise Cadieux as the parents of Michel Ayet dit Malo. This is not a lineage on which I have confirmed anything yet, so you will probably want to do that.

    If you visit my Rootsweb family tree, you can find the lineage I have listed and what little information I have on it from my ex-husband's great uncle: http://worldconnect.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?db=stormphoenix2

    I hope this is helpful to you. :)

  3. Hi Wendy,

    Your tip lead me to a marriage record that confirms that Joseph Ayet dit Malo and Marie Louise Cadieux are the parents of Michel. I will blog about this and post the marriage record on my blog over the next few days, probably tomorrow: http://malo-genealogy.blogspot.com/



    1. I'm so glad it helped! Exploring my ex-husband's French Canadian ancestry in depth just isn't something I've focused on much, so I'm really glad what little information I had was helpful to you. :)