Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Ancestors, Part 7: Evans

All of the French-Canadian lineages are on my ex-husband's maternal side.  His maternal grandfather was 100% French.  His maternal grandmother was half French.  His maternal grandmother's surname was Evans, offering just the teeniest little break in this extensive French Canadian ancestry.

So we will be looking at the Evans ancestry in this post, and then returning to a French Canadian lineage in my former husband's last ahnentafel.  :)  By starting with our great-grandparents for each ahnentafel, I will have posted 16 in all (8 for my former husband and 8 for myself). 

The Evans side brings us mostly through Washington County, Rhode Island and Windham County, Connecticut.  Enjoy!

Generation 1:

1.  Earle Gardner Evans (1890-1933)

Generation 2:

2.  Raymond Robinson Evans (1827-1912)

3.  Mary Elizabeth Wilcox (1856-1950)

Generation 3:

4.  Eli Evans (abt. 1799-1878)

5.  Phebe Ann Thomas (1804-1856)

6.  James Lester Wilcox (1822-1913)

7.  Ruby Wilbur (abt. 1823-aft. 1880)

Generation 4:

5.  Thomas Evans (abt. 1760-bef. 1810)

6.  Dorcas Doubleday (1765-1811)

7.  Daniel Thomas (1771-aft. 1840)

8.  Unknown Davis (?-aft. 1840)

9.  William B. Wilcox (1787-1848)

10.  Irena Larkin (abt. 1805-aft. 1870)

11.  Amos Wilbur (1781-1869)

12.  Phebe Williams (abt 1794-bef. 1880)

Generation 5:

13.  Evan Evans

14.  Unknown

15.  Benjamin Doubleday (abt. 1735-1784)

16.  Mary Ladd (1744-1832)

17.  George Thomas

18.  Phebe Lockwood

19.  Benjamin Davis (abt. 1730-1792)

20.  Phebe Cooper (1737-?)

21.  Abraham Wilcox (abt 1745-?)

22.  Mary Card (1742-?)

23.  Kenyon Larkin (1783-1865)

24.  Sarah or Susan Austis Button (abt. 1785-1870)

25.  Lemuel Wilbur (1739-1820)

26.  Sarah Fisher (abt. 1743-1820)

While there is more that I can add, this lineage also has many holes in it.  The Davis side goes back to Katherine Marbury, daughter of Rev. Francis Marbury and Bridget Dryden, and thus descends from several royal ancestors. 

But many Rhode Island lines prove troublesome due to holes in the record-keeping.  This is another of my ex-husband's lines to which I plan to devote additional time and attention, once I am settled in my new home.

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