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Our Ancestors, Part 13: Haley

We now come to my maternal ancestors.  Where my paternal side is pretty much British through and through, with a bit of Irish and Scots courtesy of my brick-wall great-great grandma Emma, my maternal ancestors are quite an eclectic mix of old New England and Mayflower ancestors, recent Irish and Italian immigrants, and one very mysterious family group.

My Haley ancestors are probably some of the ones that interest me the most (besides my Italian ancestors).  For whatever reason, they have intrigued me since I was a little girl.  In the early years of my research, they were the most interesting, because I knew nothing about my mother's family.  My parents were divorced when I was about 3 1/2 or 4 years-old.  I did not see my mother after 1978, and so there was nobody around to tell me about the Haley family history.

Later, as an adult, I discovered that the most interesting stories in my family all seemed to come from the maternal side!

The ancestors on my Haley side mostly lived in Middleborough and Brockton, Massachusetts in the 1880's and 1900's.  Before that, they were in Ireland, except the ancestors on the Bonney side, which branches out into Old New England families dating back to the Mayflower.

Because there are several recent (1800's) immigrants on this side, this will be a short ahnentafel.

Generation 1:

1.  Herbert Benjamin Haley (1896-1963) 

 Generation 2:

2.  Hiram Frederick Haley (1870-1952)

3.  Rosanna Cassidy (1870-1940)

Generation 3:

4.  Benjamin F. Haley (abt. 1851-1939)

5.  Emma Jane Bonney (1848-1882)

6.  James Cassidy (abt. 1839-1901 - hit by train in Brockton)

7.  Mary Ann Livingston (abt. 1844-1886) 

Generation 4:

8.  Edward Marshall Haley (1810 in Ireland-1893 in Middleborough, MA)

9.  Clarissa Barrett (1814-1898)

10.  Hiram B. Bonney (1818-1863)

11.  Elizabeth Barker Estes (1819-1881)

12.  John Cassidy

13.  Rose Brady

14.  George Livingston

15.  Bell Cassidy or Mary or Nancy Bell

Generation 5:

16. Thomas Haley

17.  Mary

18.  William Barrett (abt. 1788-bef. 1826 in Plymouth; son of brick walls, John Barrett and Hannah Holmes)

19.  Ruth Westgate (1786-1861, daughter of Benjamin Westgate and Rhoda Hall)

20.  Roland Bonney (1795-1847, son of Ezekiel Bonney and Zerviah Perry)

21.  Thirza Hatch Beals (1800-aft. 1840, daughter of Seth Beals and Thirza Hatch)

22.  John William Estes (1792-1878, son of Zacches Estes and Elizabeth Dillingham)

23.  Elizabeth Barker Ellis (1791-1875, daughter of Nathaniel Ellis and Mary Ramsdell)

Remaining Haley, Cassidy and Livingston ancestors unknown.  Lines 19 through 23 carry on through early New England settlers, mostly throughout Plymouth County.

Well, since I am living in England over the next 2 1/2 years, I'm sure you can guess my intentions: to visit Ireland and learn what I can about my Haley, Cassidy and Livingston families.  However, unless I can ascertain where they came from, it will be a wild goose chase.

The only clue I have is that Haley is from Northern Ireland, and that Edward went to school in Dublin until one day taking the allowance sent to him by his family, and coming to Plymouth, Massachusetts.  It isn't much to go on, but it's a start.

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