Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Ancestors, Part 15: Bartlett

Bartlett is one of the oldest names in Plymouth County, a name that arrived with Robert Bartlett on the "Anne" in 1623.  He married Mary Warren, daughter of Mayflower passenger Richard Warren.  She also came to Plymouth on the "Anne", along with her mother and siblings.

I can document 58 Mayflower lines for myself.  The first 32 are through my paternal family and are quite diverse, going back to John Howland, John Tilley, Joan Hurst, Richard Warren, Henry Samson, Myles Standish, John Alden, William Mullins, George Soule, Isaac Allerton, Mary Norris, Stephen Hopkins, William Brewster, and John Billington.

The remaining 26 are through my mother, going back through William Brewster, Peter Brown, and predominantly through John Alden, William Mullins (of course any line to Alden is "doubled" because of Mullins) and Richard Warren.

My Bartlett ancestors were mostly in Middleborough and Plymouth, with the rest of the family names in this ahnentafel found in Carver, Wareham, and throughout the South Shore, as well as Nova Scotia (the Griswold and Parks families).

So here, without further ado, is my Bartlett ahnentafel:

Generation 1

1.  Basil Wade Bartlett (1901-1976)

Generation 2

2.  Basil Clyde Bartlett (1881-1931)

3.  Rosedla Lorena Wade (1878-1954)

Generation 3

4.  Charles Otis Bartlett (1852-1900)

5.  Agnes Jane Griswold (1864-1899)

6.  Henry William Wade (1838-1920)

7.  Esther Ann Benson (1845-1933)

Generation 4

8.   Charles Dana Bartlett (1821-1907)

9.  Charlotte Ferguson Hayward (1832-1923)

10.  George Emery Griswold (1824-1906)

11.  Rebecca Parks (1829-1892)

12.  Ruel Wade (1796-1883)

13.  Ruhamah A. French (1809-1884)

14.  Eliel Benson (1810-1883)

15.  Joanna Westgate (1809-1864)

Generation 5 - After this point, there are so many brick walls, I will not continue

16.  Charles Bartlett (1785-1871)

17.  Lucinda Cornish (1798-1895)

18.  Charles Otis Hayward (1806-1882)

19.  Mary Ann Gordon (1808-1875)

20.  Emery Alexander Griswold (abt. 1785-bet. 1838-1868; no idea where his parents were from)

21.  Hannah Doane (1792-1868)

22.  William Parks (?-bef. 1835; nothing more about him)

23.  Elizabeth (perhaps abt. 1795-bet. 1881-1890; second husband was James Johnston; nothing more)

24.  Thomas Wade (1796-1820)

25.  Silence Phillips (1774-1803)

26.  John French (1763-aft.1830)

27.  Rebecca Linfield (1765-aft.1830)

28.  Levin Benson (abt. 1765-1815; nothing definitive on his parents, though I believe they were Elisha Benson and Sarah Steward)

29.  Susannah Bumpus (abt. 1772-1858)

30.  Joseph Westgate (abt. 1785-1856)

31.  Sarah Morton (abt. 1789-bet. 1832-1840; nothing definitive on her parents, though I believe they were Bartlett Morton and Joanna Benson)

This pedigree is *quite* extensive, but with the scattered brick walls it is difficult to post an ahnentafel that won't end up rather confusing after the fifth generation.

Of course, you can always refer to my family tree at Rootsweb or contact me for more information.  :)

Copyright (c) 2011 Wendy L. Callahan


  1. I have Mayflower and Anne families too =) Everytime I sit down to do some research, I find yet another line!

  2. When it comes to Plymouth families, it feels like the connections back to 1621 are endless. :)