Monday, November 28, 2011

Our Ancestors, Part 17: Callahan

Now I have a whole new addition to my family tree thanks to the Callahan name.  I never expected to have an interest in midwestern genealogy - both my family and my ex-husband's family are predominantly from New England, with a few exceptions here for New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ireland, England, Italy, North Carolina, and Virginia.

I never expected to end up researching in Iowa and Illinois, but here goes!

The Callahan surname is obviously the first one I will share.  This family left Roslea, County Fermanagh, Ireland for Galena, Jo Daviess, Illinois.  The siblings traveled to the U.S. at various times, but all ended up in the same area.

My husband has a cousin who has put a great deal of time and effort into researching this family.  He has collected vital records, property records, wills, newspaper clippings, and much more.  It helped me get everything organized in my Legacy program and I am very grateful for that.  He is clearly an experienced genealogist who knows what he's doing - he's not just collecting names. 

Here are my husband, Daniel's, ancestors, beginning with his paternal great-grandfather.

Generation 1

1.  John James Callahan (1893-1938)

Generation 2

2.  Hugh Callahan (1856-1933)

3.  Catherine Isabel Birmingham (1853-1921)

Generation 3

4.  Edward Callahan (abt. 1824, Ireland - ? - he's an interesting guy.  He was arrested on suspicion of murder when his wife died, released and left town.  When he returned 4 years later, he was shot by the deputy and sheriff of Galena in a public disturbance.  Two of his brothers were arrested in this incident.  I don't know when Edward died - if he died when he was shot, or recovered and died later)

5.  Mary Riley (abt. 1825, Ireland - 1859, Galena, IL)

6.  John Birmingham (abt. 1823, Ireland - aft. 1880)

7.  Margaret Naddy (abt. 1829, Ireland - bef. 1870)

Generation 4

8.  Thomas Callaghan (I do not have any dates on him, but I do have 7 children listed for him: James, Julia, Edward, Michael, Thomas, and Hugh.  It looks like the eldest, John, remained in Ireland.).

This is as far back as I have, though I understand that my husband's cousin has more.  He also told me that there are cousins in Roslea, whom he has met.  The husband already wants us to take a trip up there to meet them too.  :)

Perhaps we should bring our genealogy cat, Kobold Callahan to give us some assistance in our research.

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  1. Interested in learning more about your Callahan research. The Thomas Callaghan of the 4th generation back might be my great, great far as I can tell from my research.
    Michael Callahan