Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Ancestors, Part 18: Dillon

My husband's great-grandfather, John James Callahan (covered in the previous post) was married to Agnes Bertilla Dillon on 9 Jun 1925 in Galena, Jo Daviess County, Illinois. 

Once again, my husband has far, far more recent immigrant ancestors than I do.  This makes research a bit difficult, as it tends to stop at the Atlantic ocean.  ;)

Generation 1

1.  Agnes Bertilla Dillon (1905-1983, she married a second time to John Aloysius Donovan in 1939)

Generation 2

2.  Francis Dillon (1879-1924)

3.  Anna Heitkamp (1884-1938)

Generation 3

4.  Lawrence Dillon (1842 in Ireland-1907)

5.  Bridget Corcoran (1848 in Ireland-1912)

6.  Henry Heitkamp (1855-1933)

7.  Ellen Petronella Snyder (1856-1941; every time I see her name, all I can think of is Snyder's of Hanover pretzels...)

Generation 4

5.  Martin Dillon (1805 in Ireland-1859 in Galena, IL)

6.  Margaret Furlong (1805 in Ireland-1884 in Galena, IL)

7.  ? Corcoran

8.  ?

It appears that my husband's Irish ancestors from Callahan to Corcoran are all Potato Famine, or just slightly later, immigrants.

9.  Johann  Heinrich Henry Heitkamp (1808 in Germany-1885 in Menominee, IL)

10.  Anna Margaretha Margaret Kopel (1823 in Germany-aft. 1900)

11.  Peter Snyder (1823-1905 in the Netherlands)

12.  Anna Wolfhagen (1821-1902)

I have a few more generations going back here and there from the Heitkamp and Kopel families, but I do not want to post them without obtaining more proof.  All of these names are easily verified in U.S. censuses or with vital records, particularly marriage records in which the bride and groom named their parents.

However, I'm quite new to research in Germany and the Netherlands, and I would not want to post any inaccurate information.  :)

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