Monday, March 5, 2012

Origin Hunters: Y-DNA Webinar

I was very pleased to find the time in my busy day to watch Mike Maglio's webinar on Y-DNA.  

When I work on my surnames, I do check to see if there is a DNA project for the surname and if there are matches between the surname and folks in other places throughout the world.  However, I never thought of actually adding the DNA information to my Legacy file, other than in notes (such as with my two separate Bartlett lines: "Robert Bartlett DNA - no match with William Bartlett of Perquimmans County, NC DNA").  Since Mike uses Legacy, and I do as well, I learned about the DNA feature thanks to his webinar.

After watching his webinar, I will integrate DNA information in much greater detail in my file.  My goal is to tackle several surnames during my hour or so of daily research.  Thanks for this webinar, Mike!

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  1. Thanks for watching. Stay tuned, I hope to post more DNA related mini-webinars this month.

  2. I see from Geneabloggers today is your 5th year you've been blogging about family history. Happy Blogiversary.

    Regards, Jim
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  3. Oh wow, how time flies! Thank you very much, Jim. :)