Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Only Names...

Sometimes you end up with names just floating around in your software (I use Legacy). They may be connected to other individuals, but have no details. I'm guilty of this - adding names of parents from marriage records, but not bothering with more detail than that if they are not my direct ancestors.

So today I'm on a mission to add details to those names. Even if the names are not useful to me, they could be useful to someone else, so I don't want to simply delete them.

There are also plenty of surname-less women in my program. I'm sure many of you have this problem too. Maiden names can be notoriously difficult to locate, and sometimes we just have to use what information we have. Still, I'm going through my file, person by person (over 10,500 people...), in hopes of adding detail to those who need it.

Do you have this problem as well?

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  1. such a common problem... You are definitely not alone in this. The surname-less women drive me crazy - I should have listed them with their husband's surname in brackets so that I at least know which Mary Unknown matches with an ancestor! This is why genealogy is never done... (which is why I like it!)