Monday, August 13, 2012

A Year for Babies!

Because I'm the unofficial family genealogist, I keep track of the children my cousins have.  This is quite the year for babies!

My Aunt Gale counted 'em up and let me know that the baby I'm having in January will be my Nana Bartlett's 6th great-grandson, and her 10th great-grandchild.  One of my younger cousins is due within a month of me, in February, with the next great-granddaughter, and 11th great-grandchild.

Before us, another cousin - sister to the one who is expecting in February - had a daughter in June of this year.

It's interesting to look at the count of grandchildren on my maternal side (on my father's side, there are only 5 of us, yet we've given my grandparents a total of 8 great-grandchildren), because I'm one of the older children.  I'm #4 of the 10 grandchildren on my Nana's side by a matter of months (another cousin was born in September of 1974; I was born in December of 1974).

Naturally, you would think the 5 of us born in the 70's have already had our children.  In fact, 4 of us have.

#1 is a daughter and has 1 son

#2 is a daughter and has none... but is actively trying with her wife (obviously via medical means), so we're all very excited about the possibility!

#3 is #2's sister and has 1 daughter

#4 - that's me - has 1 son and now another son on the way.  I always thought I would only have 1, so he will be 10 years older than his brother.  That's the largest age gap between any siblings in this generation of my family.  However, there are far larger sibling age gaps in my generation, mostly due to the remarriages of my mother and uncle.

#5 - my sister - has 2 sons and 2 daughters (she also has an adorable stepson).  As you can see, my sister has contributed immensely to the family on both sides by having 4 children.

So there you have it - 5 of us, all girls, born from 1970 to 1977.  Then there were my mother's and uncle's remarriages, and the youngest of my Nana's 4 children got married.  So along came more children and, recently, great-grandchildren!

#6 has 1 son and 1 daughter (just born in June 2012).  It looks like she's done for now, what with 2 little ones in the house!

#7 is expecting a daughter

Those two sisters are also sisters to #2 and #3, and the only 80's babies in our family.

#8 is my little brother and he was born in 1990.  There's no way he's having children any time soon, but when he does, the little guy or girl will be a heartbreaker!

#9 is yet another daughter and she's in college right now

#10 is a son (not many boys, eh?), and graduates from high school in 2013

So there you have me and two cousins providing my Nana with 3 great-grandchildren (#9, #10 and #11) in just under 10 months, between June 2012 and February 2013.  We hope the cousin who is trying now will ultimately make an addition to the family as well!  There is definitely plenty of time for my little brother and much younger cousins to decide if they will launch families in the next several years.

Just sorting it out is confusing, which is why I'm glad I can just print a chart of my Nana's descendants from my Legacy program.  Goodness knows if anyone in my family would like a visual to sort out all of the names and dates, I'm ready to oblige!

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  1. Wendy, I'm the one who keeps track of all the cousins' birth dates and who brings the printed family tree to our family reunions. We just had one a few weeks ago, with 38 in attendance from 14 months old to 77 years old (my son is 18, and the oldest of the great-grandchild generation). We had a cousin's family from Minnesota, one from Pittsburgh, and one from London. Most took a peek at my family tree at some point. I hope you have a chance to have a family reunion (or two or three) with the extended family - lots of fun!

    1. Family reunions are so much fun, aren't they, Elizabeth?

      We enjoyed a huge one in 2008 back home in Massachusetts, before I left for Korea. I don't know how they managed to fit all of us in the photograph!

      It's exciting when so many people are willing to travel from such distances to see one another (London? Wow! I know how long it takes to fly there from the U.S., since I now live in England).

    2. Funnily enough, it's the cousin from London who returns to the States every summer who organized it this year, when she knew the cousin from Minnesota would be in New England visiting family.