Thursday, April 4, 2013

Family Tree DNA's Family Finder

Seven years ago, I had my mtDNA tested by Family Tree DNA.  I learned I was Haplogroup H and, well, that was about all.  Of course there were matches, but no one with whom I could connect.  My maternal ancestry dead ends with my Italian great-great-great grandparents, for whom I have very little information beyond names.  The odds of making a family connection with any of the matches are pretty slim, but I knew that going into the DNA testing - that mtDNA is your "deep ancestry". 

However, I was still fascinated to learn my haplogroup and excited to at least get the test done.

When Family Tree DNA announced their autosomal test, I waited and waited and waited to upgrade.  Also, with the busy-ness that is life, I simply forgot to order the upgrade. 

I finally ordered the upgrade today and I cannot wait to see the results.  What do I hope to get out of it?

First and foremost, I am looking forward to learning more about my ancestral make-up.  It would not surprise me to find it is mostly English - probably a good 50% or more.  Anything other than English, Irish, Scottish, and Italian will surprise me.

Second, I am hopeful that I will find cousins, particularly from my Murphy great-great-great grandparents.  My most mysterious brick wall is my great-great grandmother, Emma Anna Murphy.  If she had siblings, perhaps they have descendants who just happened to have their autosomal DNA tested too.  However, her parents are 6 generations back from me, and I realize the odds getting lucky - of someone from that side of the family having tested - are very, very slim.  So I'm not super optimistic about that. 

Still, I'm glad I ordered the upgraded and my results will be in the Family Finder database by the end of the month.  I can't wait to see the results.

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