Sunday, March 22, 2015

Where does 2015 bring me?

I've been far busier than I would like. Far too busy to work on genealogy. However, things are cycling around and settling down. I've decided to step back from editing work and focus specifically on my writing and my research.

My goodness, I haven't even sat down to take a look at my goals for the year! As it is, 2015 may be an ebb-and-flow sort of year, and Type A me is okay with that. As much as I thrive on plotting out what I plan to do from year to year, month to month, even day to day, there are times I need to just let things happen.

So it's already the end of March and I am still at the point where I need to "just do it."

Fortunately, I spent time with a genealogy friend today and I think that's the kick in the pants I needed to get going. Sometimes, that's what you need - someone else's enthusiasm to refuel your own.

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