Sunday, April 12, 2015

Research Plans 2015

It looks like I will be homebound for most of 2015, and focused on work, work, kids, work... So there won't be any on-site research for me this year.

The places I still really want and need to visit are Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. However, other things take precedence this year, like remodeling our home (with our own hands, mind you!) and my husband continuing his college education (and our last surviving laptop doesn't get wireless internet, so traveling is out of the question).

That means my research efforts must take place from home.

As always, March meant it was time to renew my NEHGS membership. I don't use NEHGS as much as I used to, since most of my New England ancestors are "done" - of course, family history is never done, and there is always something new to learn about an ancestor's life. However, I would hate to miss out on anything they offer, so I will remain a member until the very end.

I still like to gather records by writing to town and city clerks, and I really need to check to make sure my spreadsheet of birth, marriage, and death records I currently have is up to date.

Another thing I'd like to do this year is expand my library a little more. There are a few recently released Mayflower silver volumes I would like to have.

There remain brick walls, of course, and over the next several weeks I plan to revisit them, review my previous efforts, and see if I can make any breakthroughs.

I think I need to take a broader picture approach, and work my way through each of my lines, as I do a few times a year. That is, I "begin" at my children, and then work up through each line of ancestry, checking for "holes" and inconsistencies, and seeing who needs my focus.

This is when I like to work off paper - to use printed pedigree charts to give me a visual. So my husband will just have to put up with the pile of binders on my desk as I sit down and try to answer questions such as, "Who was Emma Anna Murphy's first husband?" and "So, what happened to Joseph St. Onge?" (not my ancestor, but still a person of interest).

So watch for posts revisiting brick walls and dead-end immigrant ancestors as I endeavor to learn more about my family!

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