Sunday, August 16, 2015

Genealogy & Technology

I'm way behind in genealogy tech! Why is that?

Well, I don't have a smart phone. I don't download every nifty program mentioned in blog posts or magazines. I find that instead of streamlining my work, what having a variety of "apps" and programs does is actually make it more difficult, more time consuming, to "do the genealogy."

There is a very small amount of technology I utilize for genealogy. The first is Legacy as a family tree database. It gives me room to keep all the information I need, including notes and photographs.

The next is Word, which I use for all my word processing and writing. If I want to write a list of a particular type of ancestor or make out a detailed research To Do list, that is what I use.

Finally, there is the most basic tool of all - the internet. It tends to be where I conduct the majority of my research, even if that research is simply looking up the address of a town clerk so I can send a "snail mail" request for a vital record.

Also, Google Alerts is a fantastic resource that delivers search hits straight to my inbox. I probably don't use it as much as I could, but it is one of many tech apps that I actually have utilized for genealogy. It's nice to know if a new website pops up with a search term I use often, like "Emma Anna Murphy," Google will let me know.

Part of me wonders if there is a program I would love, love, love to use for genealogy. But I think this passion is such a varied one, that keeping it simple works best for me.

I am interested to know what programs or apps other family historians use, and what they love about them.

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