Saturday, October 3, 2015

Preparing My Genealogical To Do List

It's time to see which ancestors I need to visit with in 2016. When I do this, I like to open up the binders with my printed pedigree charts, so I get a wider view of my family. It's easier to make my list this way, rather than clicking through one couple at a time in my software.

Hawksley - Mr. Hawksley remains a mystery. We know his wife was Mary Goodwin, and her parents were a Goodwin and a Workman. Her father was a loyalist from New Jersey, who went to New Brunswick where he and his wife had several children. Mary married a Hawksley from England, probably around 1808 in New Brunswick, and they had 4 children.

Thomas Wood - the father of my great-great grandfather, John Wood. Thomas and his wife, Sarah Gray, came from Manchester, England to Willimantic, Connecticut in 1878, but what about Thomas's life in England? And who were his parents?

Michele Galfre - my great-great-great grandfather, who was born somewhere in Italy and whose parents or grandparents may have been from France. His son Bartolomeo is my great-great grandfather, and came to Massachusetts. His son Giovanni remained in Italy, and we are in contact with Giovanni's descendants - our cousins - who have given us some information. But the Galfres are still a bit of an enigma.

Ernesta Bergamasco - wife of Bartolomeo Galfre; the same goes for my great-great grandmother. What of her parents and siblings back in Italy?

Edward Marshall Haley - another question I've had for years. My 4th great-grandfather was born in Ireland in 1810, but where? Supposedly he went to school in Dublin, then simply immigrated to Duxbury, Massachusetts where he married Clarissa Barrett and had a very large family.

Emma Anna Murphy - there is nothing to say about my great-great grandmother that I haven't already explored extensively on this blog. Her origins remain the most tantalizing puzzle of all.

Who are you focused on learning more about in 2016?

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