Saturday, January 23, 2016

Genealogy Plans for 2016

It's very tricky to predict what I can reasonably get done in the new year, but after considering it, I think I'd really like to tackle my husband's family history. I've discussed the Callahan family a little bit, but not much. We live within 6 hours of where they and all those families connected to them settled in the U.S.

We go visit my in-laws on a regular basis, so I think it would be well worth my time to do some research while I'm out there. I'd like to sit down, look at where folks are buried around Dubuque, Iowa and Galena, Illinois, and make a plan.

I would also like to connect with a cousin of my husband's who has already devoted the time and energy to gathering quite a bit of the family history. From time to time, we've put our heads together to try to figure out some of the lingering questions. It's long past time we met and talked about this in person, I think.

I'd also really like to continue exploring the Hawksley family, of course, as well as my mysterious great-great grandma Emma.

Beyond that, I'd love to learn more about Rebecca Parks, wife of George Emery Griswold, of Preston, Halifax County, Nova Scotia. I haven't shared much about that line or the mystery of their family, so it's high time I did.

I hope having a plan and goals laid out for 2016 will help me stick to them! The past couple years have been a bit of a bust, getting settled into a new life. This year is going to involve home renovations, but there's no excuse for me not to devote my time to genealogy.

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