Saturday, January 30, 2016

How do I preserve photos, vintage greeting cards, and more?

I just received a large box of photographs, newspaper clippings, documents, dog tags and medals, greeting cards from 1953, and more. And of course my concern is how best to label and preserve these items, especially the photographs.

The first concern is getting them organized chronologically and/or by name, identifying them and scanning them.

The next concern is figuring out the best way to protect the original documents.

The photographs are my biggest concern, since I've never really delved into this topic. I've always had color copies or print-outs of photos. This is the first time I've had original photographs in my care.

Many are loose and some are in an old-fashioned scrapbook, held by photo corners. There are quite a few pictures from the Middleborough High School Class of 1941, which would be nice to get to the children of the boys and girls pictured.

So I need to figure out the best way to store these photos, label them, and preserve them.

Then there are the newspaper articles, mostly from the 50s and 60s and pertaining to my uncles and grandmother. Again, I need to figure out how to store/preserve them and label them so someone looking through will understand the importance of the article (i.e. Wendy's paternal grandmother, Barbara (Shaw) Wood, pictured with the Girl Scout Troop she led, May 5, 1962).

As for the vintage greeting cards, I'm thinking they need the same kind of organization and preservation as the photos and newspapers, but not sure how to handle that. There is an entire box of them for my uncle's birth, first Easter, first Christmas, and first birthday (1953-1954).

I definitely need ideas and recommendations for all of the above items.

The documents will be alphabetized and indexed, and stored in the binders where I keep all such documents in archival quality page protectors.

Finally, there are my grandfather's WWII dog tags, a few medals, and other non-paper keepsakes I need to label store properly.

I'm sure you can see I have quite a weekend for me. If the snowstorm we expect on Tuesday/Wednesday is bad enough and I stay home from work, organizing these family treasures will keep me very busy.

As I go, I will scan everything. It's quite the wonderful gift.

Copyright (c) 2016 Wendy L. Callahan

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