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Sunday's Obituary: James Cassidy

I don't think I've posted much about my Cassidy ancestry, so here we go!

My great-great grandparents, Hiram Frederick Haley (1870-1952) and Rosanna Cassidy (1870-1940) helped raise my grandfather/their grandson, Hebert Benjamin Haley, Jr. (1926-2014).

Grandpa Haley had many good things to say about his grandma "Rose" and I became very intrigued by the Cassidy family's origins. Rosanna was born 3 June 1870 in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts to James Cassidy and Mary Ann Livingston.

I don't know much about James and Mary Ann, even after twenty years of research. Mary Ann was born about 1844 in Ireland. According to her death certificate, her father's name was George Livingston. Her mother's name could be Nancy or Mary, and the maiden name could be Bell or Cassidy.

Mary Ann married James Cassidy on 4 May 1869 in North Bridgewater (now Brockton), Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

I know slightly more about James and have been able to put together a leafier family tree on him.

James was born about 1839 in Ireland to John Cassidy and Rose Brady. I've identified at least 2 of his siblings, both of whom also came to Brockton, married, and had children. James and Mary Ann had 4 children of whom I am aware.

Mary Ann (Livingston) Cassidy died in Brockton on 11 June 1886 and is buried in St. Patrick's Cemetery there.

James lived another 15 years before he died at the age of about 62. The obituary itself is a very short blurb about the funeral and his pallbearers - Patrick Riley, James Brady, Patrick Brady, and James McEntee - and the interment at St. Patrick's Cemetery.

But prior to that there were two articles in the Brockton Daily Enterprise and The Brockton Times on Tuesday, July 23, 1901.

Please note, The Brockton Times article is slightly graphic as to the injuries suffered by my great-great-great grandfather:

James Cassidy's obituary: "Stepped to Death" in Brockton, Massachusetts

I'll never forget when I read these articles on microfilm at the Brockton Public Library several years ago. At the time, I was simply following up on the death certificate I had, which gave the cause of death as "Compound fracture of the skull."

This is probably one of my most surprising finds on my family to date.

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