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Surname Saturday: WOOD of Beverly, MA & Blue Hill, ME

Growing up, I often heard from my dad that our family had "founded" Blue Hill, Maine. I really didn't know what he meant, but I grew up with the knowledge that Wood was pretty much from Blue Hill. When I researched my ancestry, however, I learned much more about the origins of the family in America and how they ended up in Blue Hill, Maine.

Israel Wood is my 7th great-grandfather. If I were a male, instead of female, I would have Wood Y-DNA.

Born perhaps December 1677 in Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts, Israel married Edith Dodge on 9 March 1708/9 in Beverly. It is possible Israel is the son of Anthony Wood and Mary Grover, who were married 11 June 1666 in Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts. However, I have yet to find proof of Israel's parentage.

Israel died 18 October 1743 in Beverly and is buried in the Ancient Burying Ground there.

Of his many children, it was Joseph Wood, born 15 February 1719/20 in Beverly who settled Blue Hill. After marrying Ruth Haskell on 11 January 1740/41 in Beverly, Joseph Wood and another man - John Roundy of Andover, Massachusetts - went to Blue Hill, Hancock County, Maine.

The area was actually first known as North Andover, then as New Port. It was 1789 that the town charter established its name as Blue Hill.

Joseph Wood died 20 June 1813. A tablet commemorating him and his wife says:

Here lie Joseph Wood and his wife Ruth Haskell.
He landed near tide mill island April 7, 1762 and
was one of the two men who founded the town of
Blue Hill, Born Feb. 26, 1720, Died June 20,1813.
This tablet was placed here by Mr. Wood's great great
grand daughter Effie Ober Kline.

My Wood ancestry goes:

Generation 1: Israel Wood, born December 1677, died 18 October 1743, both in Beverly, Essex County, Massachusetts. Married Edith Dodge on 9 March 1708/9.

Generation 2: Joseph Wood, born 15 February 1719/20 and married Ruth Haskell on 11 January 1740/41, both in Beverly. Died 20 June 1813 in Blue Hill, Hancock County, Maine.

Generation 3: Joseph Wood, born 27 December 1750 in Beverly. Married Eleanor Carter on 11 September 1776 in Blue Hill, Maine. Died 18 Dec 1811 in Blue Hill, Maine.

Generation 4: Andrew Wood, born 20 February 1786, married Hannah Ober 4 June 1805, and died 15 November 1850, all in Blue Hill, Maine.

Generation 5: Benjamin Stone (or Stover) Wood, born 24 Jan 1826 in Blue Hill. He married Susanna Whitmore about 1845 in Oceanville or Deer Island, Hancock County, Maine. He died 30 April 1881 in Sedgwick, Hancock County, Maine.

Lemuel Augustus Wood of Blue Hill, Maine
Lemuel Augustus Wood, 1845-1925
Generation 6: Lemuel Augustus Wood, born 1 November 1845 in Blue Hill. He married Georgianna Winsor (of the Duxbury, Massachusetts Winsor families) on 2 September 1884 in Cambridge, Middlesex, Massachusetts. He died 20 June 1925 in Plympton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Generation 7: Lewis Preston Wood, born 15 February 1892 in Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts. He was the only child of the marriage. He married Ruth Evelyn Wood (not of any relation; her father was from Manchester, England) on 6 June 1917 in Providence, Providence County, Rhode Island. Great-grandpa died 17 March 1981 in Brockton, Plymouth County, Massachusetts.

Generation 8: My grandfather

Generation 9: My dad

Generation 10: Me - one of two daughters or, as some of our friends from school still know us, "the Wood sisters."

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