Sunday, September 11, 2016

Genealogy Podcasts

Genealogy PodcastsEvery night before bed or when I'm in the car, I listen to podcasts. Though I retain information better if I read it, I've gotten comfortable with listening "better" by listening to podcasts. I keep a notebook nearby so I can write down anything I want to remember later. At this time, I listen to many podcasts about topics of interest to me and, of course, that includes genealogy. My current subscriptions are:

The Forget-Me-Not Hour: Jane Wilcox often covers topics of local research interest to me, like New York genealogy, which figures heavily into my ex-husband's ancestry. She does cover more generalized topics as well and her guests are always quite knowledgeable.

The Genealogy Professional Podcast: While I'm not a professional genealogist (though I'd dearly love to be, I lack the time and money), I find their stories quite inspiring. I also love Marian Pierre-Louis's voice. She conveys so much warmth and friendliness.

Family Tree Magazine Podcast: I love Family Tree Magazine and really need to re-subscribe. This podcast is a nice round-up of topics from each of their issues. It gives the editors and writers a chance to expand a bit on their articles.

I'd love to find one to three more podcasts to add to my iTunes. I've tried a couple of others that just didn't feel right for me or that I wanted to like, but that were just too commercial for me.

Do you listen to genealogy podcasts? If so, which ones do you like the most and why?

Genealogy Podcasts

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  1. I blogged about the podcasts I like to listen to when I walk at From Maine to Kentucky. I listen to the Genealogy Guys with Drew Smith and George Morgan and Genealogy Gems with Lisa Louise Cooke. (Yes, Extreme Genes is too commercial, but I listen sometimes anyway.) BackStory with the History Guys is also an interesting one because they discuss history.

    1. I had both Genealogy Guys and Genealogy Gems on my iPod for a while and didn't take the time to listen to either at the time (about a year ago), but I've been contemplating giving them another go since now I have a better podcast-listening routine. I'll have to check out BackStory, too! Thanks!