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Favorite Plymouth County, Massachusetts Research Resources

Plymouth County, Massachusetts Genealogy Resources
There are many go-to research resources for New England, such as the wonderful holdings at the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Their databases are well worth the price of membership. Family Search also has many fantastic resources.

But sometimes there are hidden gems we don't know exist, until we happen upon them in a Google search. When I realize I've stumbled upon a treasure, I try to make sure I save the link for future reference. Here are some of my favorite, perhaps lesser-consulted, research resources for Plymouth County, Massachusetts:

1. Alden Kindred of America - this lineage society also includes an 8-generation database. If you descend from John Alden, you might find your family in it.

2. Ancient Landmarks of Plymouth Project - this is a transcription of the book by William T. Davis. If you have any family in Plymouth, Massachusetts in the 1800s or prior, it is well worth searching the index for their surname(s) and reading the entries.

3. Middleborough Public Library - the Digital Library at the Middleborough Public Library is a fantastic resource if you have ancestors from the area. The Digital Library includes a Middleborough Gazette Index, a Vital Records Index, Cemeteries, Historic Homes, and much more.

4. The Plymouth Colony Archives Project - this is another multi-faceted collection that includes a wide variety of records from the 1600s, including wills, probates, court records, and biographies. If your ancestors were part of Plymouth Colony, it is well worth checking out this website.

5. Wareham Vital Records from Town Books 1 and 2 - if you have ancestors who lived in Wareham, Plymouth County, Massachusetts, this site is fantastic. It has births, deaths and marriages for Wareham.

You can also find all of these linked on my Genealogy Resources page for Massachusetts.

Plymouth County, Massachusetts Genealogy Resources

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