Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review of Legacy Family Tree Software, Version 9

I've been using Legacy since the Best Buy in Dover, Delaware opened. I discovered Legacy Family Tree by accident when I was browsing the software in the store back in 2002 or 2003.

Prior to that, I used Generations and then Family Tree Maker. I wasn't keen on either of them, but they got the job done. So when I saw a 2-pack with Legacy 4.0 and scrapbooking software for far less than half the cost of updating my Family Tree Maker, I figured I would give it a try.

Ever since, I've been a big fan of Legacy. I stayed with 4.0 for a while, then went to 7.5, and now I've upgraded to 9.0 thanks to the features Randy Seaver listed in his post.

Since it was an upgrade, I got to pay the lower upgrade price. I also used the 15% off code offered by Thomas MacEntee.

Now, on to the software!

First, I like the family view better. It looks tidier to me. But this is my favorite part of that view:

Review of Legacy Family Tree Software, Version 9

How cool is that? Half-siblings and their other parent's name are listed right there! It's much easier to navigate to them now. It also has more room for siblings, so if you have more than 12 siblings, you don't have to scroll down to see them.

Second, how well does the Find-A-Grave integration work? Pretty darn well when I test it on someone I know has a Find-A-Grave listing. So I tried it someone I've never searched on Find-A-Grave, like Rhoda (Delano) Winsor:

Review of Legacy Family Tree Software, Version 9

I just clicked the Find-A-Grave button and voila!

Review of Legacy Family Tree Software, Version 9

So what about some of the other features listed in the upgrade? I was most interested in the Hinting, so I checked it out.

There's nothing explicitly listed as "Hinting" on the toolbars, Fortunately, Randy Seaver deconstructs how to turn on tips in this post at GeneaMusings. I checked and hinting was already enabled for MyHeritage. You can also add hinting for FamilySearch (requires your login), FindMyPast and GenealogyBank.

It took Legacy about 12 to 24 hours to generate hints for me, but when I opened the program the next day, there they were - a little orange circle with a number in it:

Review of Legacy Family Tree Software, Version 9

Just click the circle and a pop-up shows you where the hints were generated from:

Review of Legacy Family Tree Software, Version 9

Then you can click the blue box to be taken to the site and see the results. I found that the hints didn't improve anything for me thus far, but I'm glad to see these sites integrated with Legacy. You just never know what someone might put out there that you will miss. Legacy can pretty much search for relevant hits for you even as you sleep!

Those are just a few of the new features in Legacy 9.0. As always, Legacy continues to offer powerful software that doesn't break the bank. I'm sure I haven't even delved into all that it is capable of, but I hope to in the near future.

Copyright (c) 2017 Wendy L. Callahan

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