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The 'saga' of Lewis Wood's visit to Blue Hill Falls, Me.

Beginning on July 31, 1958, my great-grandfather, Lewis Wood, went to visit cousins in Blue Hill, Maine for two weeks. Two hundred years before that, our ancestor Joseph Wood, left Beverly Massachusetts to settle in what became the town of Blue Hill, Maine.

The Saga of Lewis Wood's Visit to Blue Hill, MaineHere is the "saga" of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother's visit with great-grandpa's cousins.

The 'saga' of Lewis Wood's visit to Blue Hill Falls, Me., after an absence of 42 years.

Lewis (and Ruth and David) arrived around noon, July 31 for a 2 weeks stay at The House on the Rock.

The weather was perfect during his stay. Days bright and fair, temperatures running between 55 and 72. Blueberries and raspberries - wild ones - were at their height, and quite plentiful. Fishing was very good. Flounders, tom-cods, cunners, and now and then a sculpin. Fairly good sized little new clams plentiful. Lobster obtainable - at reasonable prices. We enjoyed all of these good things, particularly the sea-food.

As we had no car, we were hampered somewhat in getting about, but we found we could walk - if we had to. The scenery is very beautiful in all directions. It was necessary to do considerable walking to pick out the best places for snap-shots - the variety making it hard to come to a decision now and then. Lewis, who is quite energetic, under-took 3 mile walks - to the 'Village', to South Bluehill, frequently. Generally he had good luck with his thumb.

One glorious day we spent at East Bluehill with the Long section of our Wood descent. Gerry Long, of Meridith, N.H., used his car as transportation. Picnic at "Curtis Cove"; a visit to the home of cousin Olive Wright, with an hour on the view of Bluehill Bay from a ledge in their front yard, being the feature. And a pleasant afternoon in the old home of Uncle Miles Long, and Aunt Cora, which is the summer headquarters for visiting Long's and their kin-folk.

One afternoon a 50 mile auto ride with Cousin Del Seavey was greatly enjoyed. We followed the shore line of Bluehill Bay, south, taking in Naskeag Point; Sedgwick, approaches to Deer Isle bridge, all the Brooklin's and Brooksville's. Catterpillar Hill, Walker Pond, Ridge Road to North Sedwick, where we stopped at Grandfather Benjamin S. Wood's grave and then back to the House on the Rock. We turned aside at North Sedgwick and drove a few miles to the present home of Irving S. Candage so that Lewis could renew his acquaintance. It was at Uncle Irving's home - at Blue Hill Falls - Lewis stopped in 1906.

To keep himself trim - and his waist-line within bounds - Lewis rebuilt the back steps to the House on the Rock; painted the 'trim' on the said House; lugged innumerable buckets of drinking water from the Hodgsden house; fixed up all the electrical apparatus that was defective; gathered vegetables from Susie's garden; listened to Wood genealogy; ate, drank(?) and slept.

Ruth, who improved so rapidly in health that it was marvelous, baked blueberry pies - two at a time - daily; made spice cake (with raisins) nearly as often, almost wore out the silver and dishes polishing them, and waited on all of us. (Mostly Lewis & David.)

David found buddies with row-boats, 'wheels' and rifles, who knew all the good (warm) bathing places in the Mill Pond and Cove, and was kept busy. He did his share of fishing, berrying, walking - and eating, also working in birch bark. (Also sleeping.)

We look for these Wood's again - well inside 42 years.


Unfortunately, I don't think any of Lewis and Ruth's children or grandchildren have made the trip back to Blue Hill, Maine, to visit our Long, Candage, and other cousins since then, and it has been well over 42 years since 1958. One day, I hope to see the House on the Rock for myself, being a Blue Hill Wood by paternal descent, and all. :)

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