Wednesday, June 28, 2017

"My Family Tree & Me" by Dusan Petricic - Another Cool Genealogy Book for Kids!

After sharing my thoughts this month on why LGBT Pride Month is important, I was very pleasantly surprised to come across My Family Tree & Me by Dusan Petricic.

I've been taking book after book out of the my local library in an effort to teach my 4-year-old about families and genealogy. My Family Tree & Me is set up in a nifty way:

When I read it starting at the front, I didn't realize it flipped around to be read from the back as well. So that was really neat! You read from the front to the middle to see the father's side and then from the back to the middle to see the mother's side.

I also love how the tree showed so much diversity. I didn't expect it at first.

The father's side is pretty much full of white redheads, which isn't the most exciting thing in the world. But then when I saw the mother's side, I was glad her family is Chinese. Something else that caught my eye, however, was the center illustration showing the entire family.

Because in addition to the mother being Chinese, it was nice to see that her sister's husband is African-American and her brother is portrayed with his partner/husband.

Genealogy and family tree books for kids tends to be white-washed and hetero, so it's really nice to see a departure from this. I appreciate this portrayal of a modern family, which helps reinforce the fact that I'm trying to teach my daughter that her choice of spouse does not have to be white or male. It should be someone she loves.

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