Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Are We or Aren't We Haleys?

One of the first names that really fascinated me as an adolescent beginning my genealogy journey was Haley. I didn't know why, but the surname just intrigued me. Maybe because it was my mother's side of the family and I didn't really know much about it.

As I researched, I learned that we were descended from Edward Marshall Haley. Edward was born in Ireland, though we do not know the town/parish or county of origin. He emigrated to Plymouth, Massachusetts sometime before 1830 and married Clarissa Barrett there on 5 February 1830. Between 1831 and 1851, they had 12 children, 10 of whom lived to adulthood.

Two sons were lost in the Civil War, one daughter died as a young adult, and another son died in middle age after the hardships he suffered during the war.

My family descends from the youngest son, Benjamin, and his first wife, Emma Jane Bonney.

Or do we?

There is a potential question of paternity with regard to my Grandpa Haley. We already know his mother, Mildred Marian Burrell, had 7 children by at least 3 other men. From what we understand, they are:

Unknown father

1. Joseph (1919), given the surname of St. Onge

Joseph William St. Onge, married 1920

2. Mary (1920)
3. Gertrude (1921)
4. William (1924)
5. Frank (1925)

Herbert Benjamin Haley (1896-1963)
Herbert Benjamin Haley (1896-1963)
Herbert Benjamin Haley, marriage date unknown

6. Herbert (1926), Joseph St. Onge appears as his father on the birth certificate
7. Lorraine (1927)

Joseph left the family in 1925 and Herbert, as I understand it from another grandchild, came in and saved the day. He did many wonderful things for Mildred (aka Millie) and the children. But it was still a very, very rough childhood for Mildred's children.

My mother's brother submitted a Y-DNA test to Family Tree DNA several years ago, which included joining the Healy/Haley DNA project. However, we don't know of any other descendants of Edward Marshall Haley who have had their Y-DNA or atDNA tested.

I would love to say it's "safe" to assume Herbert is the father of my grandfather, but it's rarely safe to assume anything in genealogy. In this case, until a Y-DNA or atDNA match comes along that proves a connection, we remain tentative Haleys.

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