Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Genealogy Toolbox

The "genealogy toolbox" is the big thing these days and, yes, I have one. To keep it neat and tidy, I keep everything on my Genealogy Resources page.

This page is broken down into the following categories:

Genealogy Podcasts - I've blogged about podcasts before. They are the best anything ever! I almost miss having a work commute (but I do love working for myself), so I squeeze in listening to podcasts whenever I can. This is every night for an hour before bed and whenever I'm doing housework.

Of course, I listen to a variety, but my toolbox specifically features genealogy podcasts.

Look-Ups - This is my personal library of books, mainly about Mayflower ancestors, other New England families, and Loyalists, and I am always happy to do look-ups for people.

New England - These resources include general ones, as well as those I return to again and again for Massachusetts, Maine, and Connecticut.

Canada - This is the source of the family mysteries I'm pursuing these days, which means I have general resources, as well as sites for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick here.

Of course, there are many tools and resources for DNA and genetic genealogy too.

I've also included links for researching African American ancestors as I work on my brother-in-law's family and general genealogy links. Unfortunately, I only have two at this time. And while I've found that you can use the usual records (vital statistics, censuses, directories, newspapers, Google books, etc.) to research African American ancestors, I would love to find more resources to share.

Finally, there is a list of general genealogy sites that most of us are aware of, but might be useful to the absolute beginner.

I hope these links are useful to you and I'm always looking for more to add to these categories for genealogical research.

Copyright (c) 2017 Wendy L. Callahan


  1. I love genealogy podcasts! I have learned so much from them over the years. I walk daily and listen to them when I walk. Thank you for introducing me to a couple I haven't yet heard: Ancestral Findings and The Genealogy Happy Hour. I look forward to hearing them.

    I also suggest Marian Pierre-Louis's The Genealogy Professional Podcast. She hasn't recorded any new ones recently but there is a library full of interesting podcasts.

    1. I love Marian's podcast too, Elizabeth! I was an avid listener and I do hope she will resume in the future. Must admit, I did message her a few months ago to ask about it. ;)

      Her archives are definitely full of wonderful episodes.