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My Shaw Ancestors in Middleborough, Massachusetts

I love the town of Middleborough. Because I grew up in Bridgewater, I got to visit Middleborough very often as a child and young adult. That included going to the Middleborough Fair every year with my dad and sister and I have very fond memories of it.

My paternal grandmother was a Shaw, so she and her ancestors spent most of their lives in Middleborough and Carver. Here was see Grandma as a high school graduate:

Barbara Estella Shaw

My grandmother was the only surviving daughter of her family, so her parents doted on her. She also had three brothers who survived. Her twin died when he was only three.

Her father, Harrison Clifford Shaw, and grandfather, Erastus Bartlett Shaw, had a poultry and egg business:

Shaw Poultry Trucks

As I mentioned, Harrison and his wife, Nina, had seven children, including my grandmother. I believe this could be their first child, Herbert, pictured here:

Harrison Clifford Shaw and Nina Gertrude Blake

Harrison's father, Erastus, was a farmer. His obituary even referred to him as "the last of the old farmers."

Erastus was the son of Harrison Shaw and Adeline Bent. Unfortunately, I don't have photos any of them - just their death notices and relevant genealogical records. So I don't know much about their lives. Erastus was born in Carver, but spent his life in Middleborough.

Unfortunately, Erastus's parents died when he was quite young. Plymouth County Probate Court records show that his brother-in-law, Ebenezer A. Shaw, petitioned for guardianship. Erastus was then reared by his brother-in-law, Ebenezer, and sister, Sarah.

I can't imagine what losing his parents at a young age must have done to him, but it's good that he had older siblings willing to care for him. Erastus went on to be a success in his life with his business. He had two marriages - the first to Lucy Cora Maria Philips and the second to Emma Anna Murphy, my mysterious great-great grandmother.

With Lucy, Erastus had two daughters, one of whom survived to adulthood. With Emma, he had only my great-grandfather, Harrison Clifford Shaw.

I treasure the photos I have of the family and really wish I could find some of Erastus and Emma. Several of my Shaw cousins still live in Carver, Middleborough, and surrounding areas. I think the last time I saw them was 2006 or so. I guess I need to get home for a visit next year!

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