Monday, October 9, 2017

Genealogy Humor: Persistence

Genealogy Humor: Persistence
Great-Grandpa, Harrison Shaw, is not amused.
If there's one thing we can get caught up in as genealogists, it's the excitement of the hunt. And when a new clue comes our way, very little revs are engines the way that possibility does.

In my work trying to determine how my 245 centimorgan (dad's 393 centimorgan) match is related to me, I have sent her many emails. After a few, I started to wonder if something else might be coming through my words... something like what really goes through my mind when I am trying to be diplomatic. 

Here is a handy-dandy translation guide for those of us who send emails and those who might be receiving them and wondering - or perhaps catching onto! - what we're were really thinking:

Email number 1: "I see you have Irish in your ethnicity estimate. Out of curiosity which side of your family is Irish?"

Translation: "I have an idea of how we're related, but I'm still trying to figure it out."

Email number 2: "Have any of your cousins also had their DNA tested or would they be willing to?"

Translation: "Throw me a bone here. I can't figure out how we're related and I don't want to tell you that I think your great-grandfather was actually the illegitimate child of my great-great-grandmother."

Email number 3: "Would you be willing to upload your results to GEDMatch? This would be a great way to further examine the chromosomes we share."

Translation: "I'm not psycho or obsessed, I swear!"

So what are the subtle or not-so-subtle ways you have reached out to a DNA match or other person who might hold the key to certain genealogical answers you seek?

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