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52 Ancestors - Dinner With the Family

52 Ancestors - Dinner with the Family -
Always at Grandma's typewriter
This week's 52 Ancestors prompt from Amy Johnson Crow is "Dinner."

Dinner in our house was basic, but it got the job done. Dad would make pasta or hamburgers or chicken, some kind of vegetable to go with it, and that was dinner. Sometimes he made tacos or hot dogs and macaroni and cheese, and we were always stoked about that. The basic dinners certainly didn't matter to us. We were two growing girls and loved simple food.

Dinners at my grandparents' house, though, was slightly different. That was usually the six of us - Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Larry, Dad, my sister, and I sitting down together on a Sunday afternoon. 

Sundays weren't necessarily a special day, other than the fact that all of us were home and available to spend time together. Uncle Larry would come to my grandparents' house and watch wrestling. My sister and I would play in the yard, until we were older. And then I was obsessed with the typewriter and getting out all my stories. Sometime in the late 1980s, I got my own electric typewriter and Grandma got a computer.
52 Ancestors - Dinner with the Family -
Pre-teen birthday me

Dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house always meant meatloaf, American Chop Suey, beef stew, or pot roast. I remember being absolutely horrified by American Chop Suey and picking at it. I was such a picky eater and hated anything with tomatoes in it. I've since gotten over my aversion to cooked tomatoes somewhat and now I will eat tomato sauce or salsa, as long as there are no chunks of tomato. 

We always went to my grandparents' house for birthdays. Our birthday celebrations were simple, too, not that we minded! Having a birthday was always cause for excitement, as far as we were concerned. 

52 Ancestors - Dinner with the Family -
18th birthday me
Those dinners consisted of getting our favorite meal (spaghetti with butter for me, which - oddly enough - I grew to hate the texture of and replaced with cappellini as an adult). 

Of course, we liked those dinners best, because we got presents! ;)

I miss those dinners. I still remember the adults' conversations, and not quite understanding why Mondale and Reagan mattered. At the time, I was there to get attention and pick at my food. Sometimes, I would ask my grandfather about WWII and he was always glad to talk to me about it. 

I really miss my grandparents and my uncle. I'd give almost anything to be sitting in that house in Massachusetts again, picking at my food, trying to understand what the adults were discussing while my sister and I acted like goofballs.

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  1. I miss those dinners at gram and gramps house, too! Great memories! ❤️